• It Should Be

    Our troops took care of us, now we must take care of them. Besides, society is worse when we have mental people walking the streets, looking for food, when they could be working and contributing to society. It makes no sense how this country leaves so many people behind. They wonder why we spend so much on government assistance.

  • Yes, more funding should be given to PTSD because it severely affects quality of life

    Though PTSD is mainly known for its occurrence in military personnel, it can occur in anyone who has had a traumatic experience such as a robbery, a rape, a car wreck, a natural disaster, abuse, an animal attack, anything that causes a person to fear for their safety. PTSD, as an anxiety disorder, can lead to depression, drug abuse and addiction, panic attacks, violent outbursts, and even suicide. It is a disorder that makes the sufferer profoundly miserable and unable to function at their best, and in some cases, at all. Such misery should be reason enough to increase funding, but since PTSD often precipitates other disorders such as those listed above, it also has the economic impacts of increased absenteeism and more civil commitments, increased need for drug rehab, and more drug-related incidents such as drunk driving and possession arrests.

  • Yes, supporting our troops shouldn't stop once they return.

    Giving military men and women treatment for PTSD after coming back from war or conflict should be required. These people have fought for our country, and we cannot drop the ball and leave them to mental and emotional ruin upon their return. It's our duty to take care of them, just as they took care of us by fighting abroad.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, I do think that more funding should be put in place to help out the people who come back from a war and have a lot of issues that came from being in battle. I think that it is a serious illness, and that we can do a lot to help.

  • Yes PTSD is serious.

    A lot more funding should be given to fight post traumatic stress disorder. This disorder requires years of therapy and sometimes medication to overcome. It would be great if there was new research and better facilities for people suffering this. It isn't just war veterans who deal with it either.

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