• Media is a way to control the masses

    Corporations and associations already control the media. And by getting the government to place checks on the media we will be able to hold them accountable if they show bias in the media. But now if the media is bias we don't stop them because they're an independent association. T

  • Won't matter soon

    The people who read the newspapers and watch tv for the news are fewer every day and skewing far older than they used to - of course, entirely due to the internet and its influence on the news. Whether people care about the media in 20 years makes the government question moot.

  • No, the media itself should apply professional standards and control itself

    The media industry is composed of professionals who are more than capable of moderating themselves. Sadly, they currently do a poor job in this area. However, the industry itself and the professional organizations that support the industry, should take responsibility and set higher standards for themselves. Only by showing themselves capable of meeting the higher mark can they avoid the possibility of future regulation being imposed upon them. Government moderation of media bias represents the classic "slippery slope" and must be avoided.

  • There is a clear conflict of interest here

    While it might seem wise at first to consider a governmental restriction of media bias, one has to consider what this would mean for the industry. Ultimately, the bias in the media tends towards one or the other of the two major political parties in the United States, so it would most likely end up that whichever party had majority control at the time would be most vehement about limiting bias towards its opposition, with little care given to those media outlets biased towards their own cause. Such a conflict of interest makes government intervention very unsound.

  • The government does not need to place its efforts on controlling media bias.

    Although sometimes extreme, media bias does not need to be controlled by the US government. The United States has very strong freedom of speech protections, and whether one likes it or not, that includes protections for extremely bias media. The media should self regulate in this case, such by not allowing Fox to have a logo that says "Fox NEWS" on the screen during an editorial program.

  • No, we have a responsibility of our own to find out the truth

    I do not believe that our government should control the media in any form or fashion. We need the government in some sort of fear of finding out if and what they are trying to cover up. We as citizens have a responsibility to take all of the information from a large amount of media sources and form our own conclusions. They are ONLY messengers.

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