Should more governments support needle exchange programs to reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS?

  • Governments should support needle excahnge programs

    Governments should support needle exchange programs to decrease the prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Providing clean needles to drug users protects them from contracting disease. Some may argue that providing drug users with clean needles only encourages the further use of drugs, but many drug users eventually quit doing drugs. Once they stop using, they can be functioning members of society. If someone finds out the have contracted HIV/AIDS, they won't feel as much desire to stop using. Even if they do, they spread the chance of spreading it to other people through intercourse, having children, accidents, etc. Regardless, governments should focus on providing clean needles simply to protect people who aren't using to begin with.

  • Yes, they should

    Though unprotected anal sex among homosexuals is the leading causing of HIV by a long shot, a needle exchange program would drop the prevelance of HIV percentage points. Any steps we can take to eradicate the world of this hideous virus is a good one and we should definitely do it.

  • It is accepting the behavior.

    No, more governments should not support needle exchange programs to reduce the prevalence of HIV and AIDS, because governments need to tell the people that they should not be doing drugs. To accept needle exchange programs is to condone the behavior that leads to the problems. People need abstinence education instead.

  • No, governments shouldn't support needle exchange programs to prevent HIV/AIDS.

    Governments shouldn't support programs like needle exchanges because I think they actually encourage people to use drugs. I think that those who live around that lifestyle have more problems to deal with than just diseases they might get. Governments should be more concerned about eradicating the problem of drug users.

  • Do not support needle exchange programs

    Governments should not support needle exchange programs because it promotes drug use and encourages the users trying to quit to continue using. It also costs the tax payers money that we can not afford to spend on such programs. And it is unethical that the government should promote such a harmful lifestyle.

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