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  • Chatting In person makes you more social

    When you chat online, you ruin your social life in the real world. I am not against chatting online. I do it all the time. But if you don't interact with people in the real world, then you get a sense of lonelyness. And if it is a stranger you are trying to make new friends with, it is a lot safer to talk in person. Cause if you give personal information to people you don't know, it is dangerous on the internet because you don't know if he or she is a good person or not. You don't know if anything he says is true. You don't know if he is going to kidnap you. But in person, it is a whole lot more obvious. So chatting in person more is wiser than chatting on the internet more.

  • In person is best

    More human interactions should take place in person rather than online. People today, especially young kids are not very good at interacting with people as much as they use to. This skill is eroding because of all the time the kids spend on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • all in person

    i think that when you have a talk with a person on the web that it is not near as good as going and having a talk with them in person, and that we need to go more to making the people actually talk in person and not on the phone.

  • No substitute for a handshake

    I feel that society relies to much on the Internet to connect with each other. We need to get to where we interact with each other more in person then we do online. The Internet is god for when there is two people that are apart but if you are with in a block of each other then you should go talk to them instead of sending them a message. I feel like if we keep this up we will not only lose the ability to interact with each other but we could possibly lose our health as well.

  • Better in person.

    As an introvert, I love being able to communicate with people online. In a way, it gives me more of a social life. But my non-virtual social life has suffered because of online interactions. It has stopped me from going out and socializing and dealing with people, which isn't good.

  • In Person Interactions

    I believe more human interactions should be in person than on-line. Prior to TV and radio people entertained each other. Families spent nights by the fire, cooking and eating and telling stories. Modern technology has been great for humanity but it has also furthered the lack of communication between people. We have lost important aspects of our cultures and ways of life, thanks to technology.

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