Should more kids receive home schooling within the family?

  • No More Home Schooling

    I believe that home schooling should only be for children who really need it, if they have disabled parents or they are disabled themselves. When a child is home schooled, he or she is unable to possess the certain skills that schoolchildren develop-- such as making friends, learning in different environments, and being more independent.

  • No, home schooling does not make well adjusted children.

    I don't agree that more kids should be home schooled within the family. I realize a lot of parents prefer that their children not enter the public school systems, but home schooling is not the answer. Children who are home schooled never learn how to relate to their peers socially. Because they are not exposed to the real world, these children remain naive and never develop coping skills.

  • No most home schooling isolates children.

    If there is a well structured home schooling setting that includes kids from other families and neighborhoods and backgrounds, then that might be acceptable. However, for the most part home schooling is not going to expose kids to the diversity of people and ideas that they must be able to deal with in order to make it in today's world.

  • No, more kids should not be home schooled.

    Most parents are not teachers. They have no been trained to work with children and help impart knowledge. Home schooling children to shield them from what people believe are the horrors of the world improperly prepares them for being adults. Social skills go out the windows, and home school puts students at a disadvantage.

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