• Yes, at least one.

    At least one person should stay home. Why not the man?
    I would totally stay home, fix stuff around the house.... Cook, clean, hit the gym. What’s the big deal?

    I guess I just believe in, equality. If men and women are equal, what does it matter? For all those out there who say something about “a man’s job”, consider how ignorant that is... You want me to define what a women’s job is?

  • Gender shouldn't matter

    If the couple decides that one of them should stay at home with the child in order to raise it properly, then the one to do so should be the parent who makes the least amount of money, unless other factors come into play, one of those factors not being the sex of the parent in question. Income is the second highest factor in the likelyhood of a child attending college (the first being if the parents did or not) therefore the money should be taken into account, but not if it is the mom or dad. Having a parent stay at home is obviously beneficial for a child, and there has yet to be a modern study which shows it matters which of those parents it is.

  • Children Grow Up Better

    Children grow up to be better citizens with stay-at-home fathers in the house. A male presence counterbalances the feminine time given to babies when they are infants. Stay-at-home dads make sense if the mother makes more money than the father. One parent probably should stay home with the children so they are raised in a more loving household in their formative years.

  • Yes, i believe that this is something that should be done by more men.

    I believe that children need both mother and father full time in order to grow into a better person. Men should take the time, at least for a few months or alternating with mother to do so, i believe that even companies should promote this and help people try this out, maybe some men would not want to but if may become more in case the company promotes and helps with it.

  • Strong Men Needed

    I just believe that men should take charge in the house and stop being so lazy and find a job that will provide for his wife and his children. His wife can worry about nursing and taking care of the house. All the man has to do is work ok

  • Women Give Birth To The Baby

    Women should and not men Women are MUCH better then men at cooking, handling money, and, of course, raising the kids! Of course women should not have to be stay at home moms. But when deciding if one should stay home, the mom is the better option. AND no people, I am not saying women should be slaves, I am just saying they would be better suited to stay at home rather then men. But if a women wants to lead a business, go for it! If she wants to be a doctor, go for it! But that especially goes for men. And more so for men, so no, more men SHOULD NOT be stay at home dads, and it should be either the mom or a healthy balance of the 2. Nothing else

  • No sappy men wanted

    I support the past ideas of the father working outside of the house being the breadwinner. I am a woman who believes in male leadership. I believe that a man needs to work to lead the world and to take care of his family. I believe that a woman should be prepared to assist her husband when the need arises. I believe women have her place. But, I believe that there is a more orderly sense when men work outside of the home. I believe men are needed because as women we can get a little preoccupied with things that men may not really give attention to.

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