Should more money be invested in medical research?

Asked by: DemKakashiSkillz
  • Money should be spent in things that improve ourlives

    Money should be spent in things that improve our lives, this includes education, science and health. Rather than spending so much money in the military, more money should go to these three. Because they actually improve our quality of life in the long run. Health expenditure has led to almost the doubling of life expectancy in humans in the last century. The impact is very slow but accrues and after many years it is impressive.

    Particularly, research in health sciences can be seen as not so important by regular people. But this attitude is dangerous because, although research is a slow steady process, in the long run it can make a huge impact on people. It is a long term investment and people should understand this and also understand that the big price tag on new cutting edge medicine comes from the 10 to 15 years spent on research.

  • Discoveries will save lives

    By investing more money into medical research, medical staff are able to continually investigate specific disease's and discover cures and vaccines which will overall save lives and allow unfortunate patients to recover. The overall medical and health aspect of our lives can boost immensely and more people will be saved each year.

  • Example: me and studying

    So... So far two people say yes, more money should be invested. However, do they need more money? What will the money be used for? I've never really looked into this subject, so forgive me if I'm a little bit off, but still. Is the money to be used for machines, or new workers? Example: me and studying. I hate studying. I see no point. I am fourteen, and if I study, I get no new information. I find that if I don't get it the first time, then I won't get it the rest. The only thing I actually study for is Math. In that case, practice makes perfect. The only other case in which I study, is if I fall asleep in Science. Which is very likely.
    My whole opinion is based off if they receive steady grants. If they don't, discard this opinion. Like I said, I never really looked into it. But still. If you haven't found how to solve a disease, what makes you think that you'll ever find the cure? I think that no, you shouldn't give more money because if you do, it will go to waste.
    Please do not take offense, this is me taking devil's advocate.

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