• Yes it should

    Yes, I think that we need to as a nation make sure that there is no way that a nation can come over and take us over at all. We need to make sure that we can fight off any attack that might be thrown at us in the future.

  • We need to use it wisely.

    No, more money should not be spent on defense, because the money that we spend is not used wisely. Our military is stretched so thin, we literally have people all over the world. We should rethink where we spend the money and what we spend it on. We don't need more, we just need it used more responsibly.

  • No not really.

    More money does not need to be spent on defense. The economy is having a hard enough time as is, we do not need more reasons to go broke. Right now our defense seems to be doing fine and we are not in any danger therefore we are doing alright with the current system.

  • More money is not needed for defense

    Money spent on defense is a waste of tax payer dollars. We are the most heavily militarized nation on the face of the earth.We have an astronomical amount of weapons compared to any country in history. The money can be spent on important social matters. Environmental concerns can also benefit from money saved on defenses.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe more money should be spent on defense. I was absolutely thrilled to hear that America is going to scale back the military to record low numbers. I feel like this move is a great decision as we can actually spend less on defense, which we should be doing.

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