Should more money raised from campaigns go to the staffers who run the campaign?

  • Yes, political staffers should be paid.

    Most candidates take advantage of free labor to run their campaigns. They should offer stipends to more staffers and interns. These people are necessary to the candidate's success. Further, the lack of pay means that only people who can go without a paycheck get to participate. Paying staffers will allow more people to get involved.

  • These people should be paid for their services.

    Most of the time people volunteer to work on these campaigns but instead of pouring all that money into ads and other stuff that does not really matter some of that money should go to the campaign workers who work had to insure their candidate looks good. People need to get paid.

  • Yes, but also campaigns shouldn't be allowed to raise money.

    I don't know much about how campaign staffers get paid or how they're treated, but I would definitely assume that they are largely underpaid and underappreciated. Having said that, this shouldn't even be an issue, because politicians running for office shouldn't be able to raise money and campaign. It's ridiculous that we spend billions of dollars on political campaigns. Each candidate should answer a questionnaire on different relevant issues that all voters can see, and then there should be a few debates that all candidates participate in. This would be a much more fair system.

  • No, more money raised from campaigns should not have to go to staffers.

    Campaigns should be free to spend money (legally) to get their candidates elected to office. Yes, campaign staff will have to be compensated for their work. However, a large part of getting elected to office is getting the politician's message out to voters. This is done through advertising which is very expensive. In short, no, more money raised from campaigns should not have to go to staffers.

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