Should more movie stars make the leap to the small screen as Jamie Lee Curtis is doing?

  • Yes, more movies stars to go to tv.

    I think that more movie stars should make the leap to starring in television shows. And I think they actually are. The reason for this is because television shows are not as bad as they used to be. A lot of television shows these days have as good of a writing team than a lot of films today.

  • They have talents

    A person with great acting talent should not constrain themselves to only workign on the big screen or in major movies. They can develop a successful career and be involved in worthwhile small screen projects. They may pay less, but the exposure and experience provided more than make up for the money.

  • Not all can survive on small screen.

    I don't think that many movie stars would survive the leap to small screen like Jamie Lee Curtis has. Jamie Lee Curtis is a unique, talented individual who is very much able to adapt to new environments. Not everyone can do that. When movie stars move to the small screen, they lose a lot of the spotlight and national fame. I think there are some who would not be able to cope with that.

  • I think they usually only do it when they have to.

    I don't think it is a good career move for movie stars to jump to the small screen. I think they often only do it when they can no longer get enough work in movies. Movies are generally much better paid then television, and provide a much more creative environment for an actor. Once you are a television star, it is hard to get back into movies.

  • No, I don't think more movie stars should make the leap to the small screen.

    I think overall the decision to jump from movies to television is highly dependent on the actor and what roles are open to them, I think Jamie Lee Curtis has been successful in her leap to television but for everyone the case will be different and some may be better off staying as movie stars only.

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