Should more movies be directed and produced like "American Sniper" to bridge the gap of veterans and civilians?

  • Make More Movies Like "American Sniper"

    More movies like "American Sniper" should be made to help bridge the gap between civilians and veterans. It is nearly impossible for the average civilian to imagine or understand what life in a war zone is like for our veterans. There is an old saying, "A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words". Moving pictures such as movies, along with their dialog, have an impressing and compelling ability to help people understand feelings and complex situations.

  • More movies like "American Sniper" being directed and produced would help bridge the gap of veterans and civilians.

    With more movies like "American Sniper" being directed and produced, the gap between veterans and civilians could be slowly eroded. These war movies show civilians what the military life is like. Civilians don't normally get to see how war, or even military life in general, affects veterans. By seeing more movies like "American Sniper," more civilians could see what the life of a veteran is really like.

  • People would watch movies.

    We don't go to movies anymore because there isn't anything good out there to see. We only go see movies with Dinesh D'Souza puts something out, or Ann Rand has another movie released. American Sniper was a good movie because it drew in people who don't like going to see the typical movie. That is a good start and there should be more movies like it.

  • Chris Kyle is a liar and a war criminal.

    Movies like this are simply for entertainment purposes and do not show the reality of what happens, especially when the entire story is fictional to begin with.

    Documentaries are a better means of reaching the objective of bridging this gap between veterans and civilians, but there will always be a gap because civilians will never understand the realities of war unless they are directly part of it. Being in America, a secluded nation from the wars of the world, our civilians are not directly impacted by the wars.

    Civilians would understand war if, for example, the US went to war with Canada and the majority of the conflict was fought on US soil.

  • I don't think so

    As a veteran movies like American Sniper should only be made to tell extraordinary stories of valor and grit. If we get watered down by these types of movies it will take away from what movies like this are trying to show. Also as a military member you shouldn't be serving our country in hopes of gaining fame and adoration. The service is for a cause that is greater than ones self.

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