• yes they should

    yes, i think that he is a very popular man right now, and that we all need to see that the youth of the nation is going to like him, so we need to let them follow his movement and let them have a thing to believe in right now.

  • He does not take himself seriously.

    Yes, more people should ascribe to Lil B's so-called based movement, because he has found a way to satirically comment on the parts of rap and hip hop that seem absurd. Lil B is a far more positive role model for children than many of the rappers that are out there. Lil B acknowledges that people cannot act recklessly just because they listen to pop music.

  • No, they should not.

    I find Lil B's based movement one of the most ridiculous ideas I have ever heard in my life, and I can't, for the life of me, understand how the entire concept was dreamed up. So no, I do not recommend anyone ascribes to such a ridiculously founded movement. No sense.

  • No, more people should not ascribe to Lil B's so-called 'based movement'.

    No, more people should not ascribe to Lil B's so-called 'based movement'. Lil B is a horrible rapper and nobody should be following him. He doesn't even give a true definition for the 'based movement'. People should not follow a movement that doesn't even have a meaning to it and isn't defined.

  • What's the philosophy?

    What's the philosophy to the based movement other than a hashtag on Twitter and a wacky catchphrase to let people know that you're in on the joke? There's no movement here, no subculture, unless you consider ironically subscribing to sub-par so-called "post-modern" hip-hop music a new form of subculture. Otherwise, it's nothing.

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