• Yes they should!

    Stocks are so complicated, and when I was mildy interested in learning how they work, it was a huge mess to figure it out! I think more people would be comfortable investing if they offered a way to get at least the basic idea's out to the general public. No one wants to invest their hard-earned dollars into something they know nothing about.

  • The Only Way To Get Better Is To Learn

    The expansion of the world's economy over the last 30 years is the direct of result of the ease of access to stock markets around the world for investors. The biggest problem with that access is that very few people knew what to do with it. That is why some many scandals are bad stories exist. If more people had some knowledge, they would be able to take advantage and protect themselves.

  • Yes, more people should be taught how to invest in stocks

    I believe that more people should be taught how to appropriately invest in stocks. This would be beneficial in two ways. It would decrease the amount of people that could be scammed into investing in fake stock companies, and it would allow more people to properly invest their funds for the future.

  • Yes, If you're willing to invest in stocks better learn how.

    I do believe people who are interested in investing in stocks should learn how to do it properly, if your biased and don't understand anything about stock then you need to learn, but if you are not interested then there is no point in learning anything about it at all.

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