• For reasons you might not expect

    Although most would deny it, atheist have just as much faith as Christians have in their religion. Everyone must believe something, wether it be in an omnipotent god or man-made science. To be more specific, an atheist, depending on his beliefs, might think that man is his own god and can achieve perfection through evolution and time. While a Christian believes the complexity of creation is far beyond the capacity of the universe to have randomly created it, and that, therefore, there most be a higher power, as according to the Bible. The opportunity for Christians to perform science from there biases, gives us a chance to explain are reasons for think as such. While also allowing atheist equal opportunity to prove theirs. Christianity may be based on faith but, atheists have faith in a god of their own. Themselves. Christians should not disregard science, and atheist must regard our science as respectfully as they regard their own. We both believe in science, to some extent, we just look at it from different angles.

  • Yes why not?

    We need more christian science guys! Bill nye needs another challenger before his days are over. Many other interesting facts can rise from a discovery of "christian science". After that one significant discovery, christians all over the world will start beholding the bible as the only answer to all science. So yes! Enforce the hell out of christian science

  • Christian Science's beliefs on health are fictitious and dangerous.

    The founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, believed and taught that sickness is an illusion that can be cured by prayer alone. This thoroughly contradicts everything known about illness, its causes and potential cures. Believing illness to be an 'illusion' and that it can be cured by prayer is naive and dangerous. Therefore more people should not follow Christian Science.

  • Not at all

    I don't think that more people should follow Christian science. Science by it's simplest nature means that there must be facts and evidence in order to support your claims. Christianity is based on faith, and not by facts and evidence. I don't think more people should follow it because it's not real science.

  • It is not sound.

    No, more people should not follow Christian Science, because it is not a sound scientific way to live. Christian Science has some good ideas, but God gave us Western medicine for a reason. At some point Christian Scientists need to be open minded that there is a point where western medical procedures can help us.

  • No but they should take some of its tenets.

    Christian Science talks about the underlying energy or spirit of what happens in the world and what happens in our bodies. It is a mystical faith in that way and probably with the new quantum physics we need to understand what it is driving at. However, it should not be followed in the sense of rejecting modern medicine completely.

  • People Should Do What THEY Want

    Christian Science is based off a book written by Mary Baker Eddy called 'Science and Health,' in 1875. The book follows her experience and change in belief system after she recovered, on her terms miraculously, from a fall. I believe people should chose to follow they faith they identify with. This may work for some people, but that doesn't indicate others "should" follow it.

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