• Yes, more people should learn Arabic.

    More people should learn Arabic. I believe this is because the world is tending towards globalization. As societies increasingly become closer and interact more frequently due to trade, economy, and social bonding, the language barrier becomes more of a problem. The language barrier heavily influences interaction between countries. To embrace the trend towards globalization, I believe that people should learn Arabic. Globalization will dictate that non-Arabic people will encounter Arabic people more frequently in the past. We can best prepare for these future encounters by learning Arabic.

  • NO , If you are not Muslim

    That will be good if you were a Muslim and learned Arabic, but if you not than DON'T waste your time. Arabic its not the science language, it was before, but not until now. You can learn another language that more important than aerobic and also Arabic its not easy to learn and it need a long time. If you were a Muslim, then yes, that will be great if you learn Arabic so you can read the Quran in Arabic.

  • No, It’s tricky because letters are written differently

    No, Arabic is not a common language, I can say Number 1 Language Compared to English,
    French and Spanish. The writing is different from European languages. Translating from Arabic into a European language is rather unusual. The writing is different from European languages.
    Arabic grammar is far from being easy.

  • There's not a real need for that.

    I don't really see a large reason for more people to learn Arabic. While it might help you converse with a few of your neighbors, if you live in a large city, that's about the extent of it. If you go to work in an Arab country, you will find that all of the people you need to deal with on a daily basis probably speak better English than you do.

  • No, people shouldn't learn Arabic.

    I do not think more people should learn Arabic. I think that there is no benefit to more people learning how to speak Arabic. The thing is, people from Arab countries are learning how to speak English. So it's a pointless strategy. I think that people should focus on learning other languages instead like Chinese.

  • Arabic should not be learned

    More people should not learn Arabic because it is not necessary to learn in this part of the world. It is most important to speak English effectively and then learn spanish. The Arabic language is very difficult to learn and it would be hard to hire enough teachers that speak the language.

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