• Yes they should.

    More people need to participate and take the American democracy more seriously. I think if more people actually voted, and stated their opinions than on big issues that need to be addressed and are causing a lot of debates can be solved and taken care of faster because we have a firmer stance on the subject.

  • Everyone should participate in the American Democracy

    Everyone should participate in the American Democracy. No matter who the individual is or where they are from, as long as they are U.S. Citizens they have a right in say about our American Democracy. Politicians are too preoccupied fighting with each other, when they should be the ones helping and speaking for the people. Unfortunately, they are not doing their job, so we as the people should participate in the American Democracy.

  • Yes, More people should participate in American democracy

    More people should vote at every opportunity they have. The more people who vote in America the better reflection of the nation's wants and needs. If you do not vote and display your opinion in America then it is not heard, this is why we need to have more people voting each time.

  • Partcipate In American Democracy

    I personally think that it is an individuals discussion to participate in the American democracy and it is an individuals beliefs as well as how they personally feel about the American democracy. I personally think that it is an person's mindset if they want to participate in the American democracy.

  • Just Different People

    I do not believe we need more positions to fill, which is the only way more people can participate, in the American government. I believe the problem with American government and the people who do end up participating are the ones that find enough funding to escalate to that point. We need regular people in the government, who have common life experience in this country. The wealthier minority is far more likely to be a politician rather than the person that works in retail or food service.

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