Should more people speak out against the portrayal of women as sex objects in the media?

Asked by: brooke07
  • Respect of women has sunken so low that women because of this pervert view of women.

    I may be a man, but I see through my mother what is a woman. Even though she has flaws, I see her a hard-working and a loving mother even caring for me when I am still currently in high school. The reason why the respectful image of women is destroyed is because of contribution of feminism, destruction of the traditional concept of women and family are the ones who contributed to that ridiculous and perverted image of women. We must bring back the image of an honest and a loving woman who respects and has modesty. A filled heart is more I crave than a flesh of beauty.

  • It's cool to say yes

    If it's completely blatant then yes. Like this latest mag I saw with three girls in bikinis looking back and enlarged butts... Makes me gag every time I see it.
    But I like the creative pieces like the camouflaged woman in poison Ivy selling perfume. They are soft and elegant. People forget it's suppose to be heavy on expression.
    Woman are sexual, and I'd love a guy without his shirt too. The thing is is that it's a powerful tool that has to be used a lot more wisely and conservatively. I think guys forget that there are woman go to male strip clubs too. There ought to be a more level playing field.

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