• Yes they should

    Yes, I think now is the time more than ever for more people to be taking online classes. Taking online classes saves students money in driving to classes or paying other fees, and online classes offer students more flexibility when it comes to completing assignments and getting things done for the class.

  • Everyone can benefit from learning more.

    People should definitely be encouraged to take online classes. Education should be a lifetime thing, and everyone benefits from learning more. Most people don't have the time or energy to visit schools or colleges regularly, but everyone can find time to sit at a computer in their own home and learn.

  • Plenty of Benefits, Limited Drawbacks

    Online classes offer an extraordinary learning opportunity for a wide range of learners who'd otherwise be unable to attend classes. It's true that online learning is most beneficial for those who are self-motivated; but there is a large population of self-motivated learners with a need for further education who aren't currently studying online. The advancement of technology in the past 10 years or so has led to incredible leaps in the effectiveness and scope of online learning, and it's only going to get better.

  • Yes, more people should take online classes.

    I definitely think people should take more online classes. I think that online classes can benefit people who do not necessarily have the time to make their way to a class room during their busy schedule. I also think that online classes have also gotten better in terms of the quality.

  • Online classes are not helpful...

    When middle school students take online classes the student doesn't have a teacher to help them if they need help because they the teacher is in the computer and coming for experience I got no help when I took the online class and it was so so hard to take.

  • Get a life...

    In my opinion ,online classes are not as fruitful as taking regular classes in colleges. It may good for the sharp students who has good concentration power or can learn easily but not beneficial for average and dumb students because all the online courses required huge dedication from them, but they don't give. As in universities the students are in direct touch with the professors , and so does the professors,they understand every student problems and are able to solve but in online universities if anyone lag behind their is no one to support him.
    So in my opinion online classes are ok but not reliable .

  • Go to a University

    I believe that to many people take online courses as it is. I have graduated from a University and have taken a couple of online classes in that process. I got almost nothing out of the classes that I took online compared to the ones that I took in a classroom. I did not retain anything and they were way to easy to pass the online classes. If someone just takes online classes then I do not believe that they truly know the subject and could not trust them to do their tasks adequately.

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