Should more plays be published as books, like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?

  • People should have more exposure to the arts in diverse formats

    Yes, people should read more books published as plays because literature enriches our lives. Plays with high attendance rates should be considered for publication into book format because of their popularity. People can see the play, and then enjoy the book in private at their own pace, picking up pieces of the play in the text that viewers might otherwise overlook or miss out at the theatre. Many plays should also be produced into movies because plays have interesting story lines. Yet, some people don't read, and they prefer to interpret the world through visual art forms.

  • Plays and Books Collide

    There should be more plays that are published as books. It provides another medium to tell the story. It gains more popularity, and more people end of reading. This also provides a way for people to experience the play who do not have the means or access to the theater.

  • I say yes

    There are all kinds of different ways to tell a story. So why shouldn't a play be able to be published as a book. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to a play to see one's portrayal of a story. I think this way people from all over are able to hear one's story.

  • Yes, publish plays as books

    If there is a demand and market for novel versions of plays then it only seems logical to accept these adaptations. While plays in their original state are often unsuitable to be books given that they rely on stage directions and stage props, if changes are made to ensure the quality of the novel I see it as no different from adapting books into movies or movies into books.

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