Should more political activists cite philosophical tenets, as Lyndon LaRouche cites Plato?

  • Yes, political activists should cite philosophical tenets.

    It is my belief that political activists must cite their philosophical tenets for four reasons. First, tenets form the basis of activists' core beliefs. Next, tenets direct their actions and decisions. Second, knowing their tenets allows me to use critical thinking to assess their beliefs. Lastly, knowing the activists' core beliefs helps me to decide whether I will support their activism.

  • Yes, philosophy undergirds politics.

    Political science is its own discipline in university, but all political society is ultimately based in a philosophical principle. Politicians who acknowledge this fact and are able to quote the philosopher on which his or her actions are based are going to have more credibility and increase acceptace of politicians.

  • Not In Favor

    I do not believe more political activists should cite philosophical tenets, as Lyndon LaRouche cites Plato. Knowing about ethics and philosophy can be a good thing, but the majority of Americans are not going to be able to connect with something that was said centuries ago, therefore its best to leave them out when speaking formally.

  • Activism hurts society

    Activism, especially in the modern sense, ultimately leads to far more damage than it helps. Activism using philosophy is detrimental, trying to convince people there is an educated basis for what are often simply opinions. Policy should be based in fact and on scientific studies, rather than the thoughts of a few.

  • We need to talk about modern issues.

    No, more political activists should not cite philosophical tenets, because it would confuse the people. Sometimes politicians just cite Plato and other philosophers to sound intelligent. A meaningful discussion about politics needs to be in a language that we can all understand. Philosophers are helpful, but practical discussions are helpful too.

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