• An Animals Life

    More research should be done into animals being social. It allows us to better understand biology and characteristics of animals. It also brings up the topic of animal testing. Animals that are more social will tend to be emotional when separated from their pack. Testing on animals who are social beings is a double negative. That is taking away life.

  • Yes, more research should be done

    Animals are fascinating, and it is not up to humans to declare themselves the sole owners of the earth. We sure as hell steal more natural resources than any other animals get to. We should share the earth with other animals and study them and share our space with them.

  • More research about animals being social should be done

    Animals are extremely varied and intelligent creatures. Even with as much as humans know about animals, we know remarkably little about how animals communicate with one another and how social animals are. Further insight into this would open doors into understanding animals and help predict animal movements in the future. Knowing this would help us humans do further research and provide a foundation for understanding future research

  • It does not matter if animals are social creatures

    Research has been conducted on the social skills of different animals. However, more is not needed. The gains that could be made from this research, have been gained. What more could we learn? If bears talk to each other, or if dolphins really have a language of their own. The money could be used for more important research.

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