Should more schools implement a pass-fail grading system?

Asked by: Fayz
  • Easier for teachers

    Teachers will only need to spend 5 minutes on grading students papers instead of several hours. This, will safe teachers time for more personal things. They will be free and will get to look forward to more free time on their weekends. This grading system would be a big advantage for teachers.

  • Education isn't about grades

    I think it's disgusting that if you asked a student what's the whole point of going to school, they'll say "to get the certificate at the end". They don't even say this sarcastically or in a way that shows that they disprove of it, they state it as obvious fact. The thought of the education system existing to stimulate their interest, inspire them or help them develop a deeper perspective on life doesn't even cross their minds!

  • Focus should be on personal growth, not a grade

    There should be minimum requirements for every class, of course. If students are focused on the grade over personal improvement, the student has proven they can work a system. If we really want to continue to churn out a generation of followers, then lets keep them aiming for an A rather than learning to think critically. Personally, I would preferred to be cared for by a younger generation of thinkers than those who simply learned how to skate by.

  • This help students

    This helps students to actually take a risk at taking a hard class and trying hard at it instead of trying to get an easy "A". Potential of people can be found out with a pass fail system. If people try to argue that this system promotes laziness , they are completely wrong because how much a person tries is a mystery that only the person knows. It all depends on the student if they work hard or not. Those are the reasons why I think pass fail system should be used

  • Yes students should be able to enjoy learning without the stress

    School should not be about being better than your neighbor, it should be about understanding and becoming better citizens. Too much homework is bad. Kids need time to do other things after school. I wish high schools taught to understanding and not just memorization and I wish they did not give homework!!

  • Do..Or do not

    In life you pass or fail. No median exists when people try to overcome challenges. We win or loose. In order to prepare children for adult life, we must give them the facts of life. You become successful or become an average joe. If you aspire for more, then pass. If you do not, then fail. Like Yoda said, "Do... Or do not. There is no try."

  • Pass-Fail Grading Systems Work

    A pass-fail grading system would work in most public schools today. Students know exactly what they have to do in order to pass in these courses. However, taking away the letter grading makes it harder for colleges to determine just how intelligent and worthy a student is for that particular school.

  • Its better for the kids

    Students do better if they have a passing or failing grade. Take Switzerland for example, they have a pass and fail system and their kids are doing way better than ours are. To get a pass you need a 75 and above and that is fair to everyone because the kids won't feel like they have to compete with others in their grade if they all have pass or fail when its posted

  • Grades shouldn't be letters they should be pass of fail

    Pass or fail will stop cheating stop some bullying lower the drop out rate and more. Letter grades make students want to cheat and quit at school, pass or fail would make life's so much easier and not hurt as many people and there would be less violence and pain.

  • You either know it or you do not

    You can go through a class with a good grade, and still not know what you are talking about. With pass/fail you must know what it is the class is teaching before you move on. A person is more likely to get more out of the class if they don't have to worry about what other people's grades.

  • Grades are important!

    This is why Americans are mediocre and turning into lazy morons. With Pass-Fail, there is not incentive to do good, better, or best instead of just good enough. I am a teen. I need the extra incentive to do the best by exceeding the better mark. What would happen to the honor role? I could pass most tests without doing anything but sitting through the lectures, but America can do better!

  • Pass/No Pass system is inefficient!!!!!!!

    I believe Pass/No Pass system is inefficient. I am taking three classes this quarter, and one of them is Pass/No Pass. For it is a pass/no pass class, I do not pay as much attention or study as hard as I do for other classes. I believe, pass/no pass system will not stop any cheating or bullying for people still can cheat just to pass their class. If you think there are teachers who are over generate with grading, so there will be teacher who are "over generate" to let "bad" students pass their classes. On the other hand, grading system encourages not only teachers but students to work harder. People always do well and more successful if they have a specific goal instead of general one.

  • Students will become lazy!!!

    Some students are really lazy, so they will do as much as they can just to pass. It's not fair to those students who actually worked hard.The lazy students shouldn't get the same recognition as the hard working students. By using a pass fail system, it will sort of be like its telling students to just try to pass the class. That is not fair.

  • Promotes Laziness :

    If a pass/fail grading method is embedded into schools this could be unfair to some students. Students who obtain a higher GPA might very easily get frustrated with a proposition like this. Let’s say there are two students. One who works very hard to get a 4.0 and another who puts little effort or slacks of and they barely pass. Now say they both head over to start a career at a business. The business looks at their college grades based on the pass or fail method and sees that they both passed all of their classes. Both people have great interviews. Wouldn't it be unfair to the student who worked hard to get good grades if the other student who didn't do hardly anything but still passed got the job? It's also more room for laziness. As long as you pass who cares? You don't need to strive for a good grade anymore you just need to pass. That's it. You can "pass" a class with a C. It's not a good way to encourage student to try harder with their studies it's a way to say " Hey, all you have to do is pass... So just make sure you get a passing grade and you're good to go." We don't need to be lazier, we need to work harder and work to excel. With this grading system there is way to much room to slack off.

  • U.S. Education: The Real Reason America's Schools Stink

    I have recently had one step-child finish high school, and have a 16-year old who is a junior in high school. I have talked to high school counselors and principals about how my children could get A’s and B’s in school without doing any homework, but score very poorly on the ACT tests.
    The answer I got was: we need to make the kids feel good about their achievements. Then, I saw how many teachers gave extra credit assignments that count towards the grade. In some classes, tests only count for 20% of the grade. So, students in that class could fail all the tests, and still pass the class with a B, knowing almost nothing about the subject; but, at least their self-esteem is not bruised.
    That is nuts; that kid should feel bad, real bad. Students either pass the test or they fail and are held back a year.
    Then there is the fact that very few kids are held back a year anymore. The reason is because it affects the funding. The net effect of holding kids back a year is a lot less funding. Who is hurt? The kids!
    “90 percent of high school students in five Bronx neighborhoods not ready for college-level work, new analysis finds.”
    Then there is the problems caused by illegal immigrants (mainly Mexicans). The schools have to accept them. And, that drags down the educational standards for everyone. “Estimates indicate that about 7% of the school-age population is made up of children who are illegal immigrants. Many require remedial assistance in language skills, which increases costs to the public schools.”
    These low-socioeconomic illegal Mexican Immigrant kids mainly affect the high schools in the cities and towns where most of the legal citizens are in the middle to lower-middle socioeconomic classes. And, they get to go to school for free and get free lunches!
    The wealthy kids don’t have to deal with the BS, because they go to great wealthy high schools in towns and cities that these illegal Mexican Immigrant can’t afford to live in.

  • Grades help show a student is familiar with the course, and allows for improvement and specialization.

    This is extremely evident in middle schools. Middle schools often have honors classes that are not voluntary; rather, they are based on grades. If a school was to implement a pass-or-fail grading system, then students who are doing poorly in English but still passed could potentially be placed into advanced classes. Grades, because they are specific to the student's growth (A is excellent and knowledgeable of the material, B is above average and familiar with it, etc) allow teachers to suggest classes more fitted to the student's needs. A poor math student does not need to take Calculus; nor does a poor science student need to take Advanced Chemistry. By having grades, schools can more effectively encourage students to do well, and can fit classes to their educational needs.

  • This wouldn't be practical.

    I will skip over why it's a bad idea while in middle and high school and go right to college acceptance. If you are graded on a pass fail system colleges would have no way in differentiating an all A student versus and all C student. Which means a C student could get accepted into Harvard where he will be too challenged and the A student may go into a community college where he won't be challenged enough. Then once the A student comes out of college he cannot find the job he wants because of the lack of a big name college on his resume. The Harvard student in turn, drops out of Harvard and works at McDonald's where he could of went to a small community college and gotten extra help. Of course though, because of this there actually would no longer be a Harvard, or at least the Harvard we know of. It would just be another college. No college would hold any more prestige than another. So this proposition isn't just a matter for grades 1-12, this type of decision could effect society all the way up to the work force. Keep letter grades alive. Pass Fail is a terrible idea.

  • Look at it long term

    Your future is often decided upon the college you go to - there's no argument to that. Your college will reflect your overall intelligence and extracurricular strength, and thus, affect your job. Using a pass or fail grading system, a student that just barely passes at the level of where he would get a D- would be getting the same grade as an A+ student! If this carried on for all the courses, the D- student and the A+ students could get the same job opportunities, when clearly, the A+ student deserves better (or the D- deserves worse.)

  • It is an unrealistic evaluation of merit or effort.

    A pass-or-fail grading system is certainly not a good idea.

    1) It creates an illusion of equality of merit and/or effort.

    Passing a class with a grade of 66 is far different than passing it with a grade of 100. It will give students who are barely passing the idea that they are no different from those who are excelling and doing work way beyond what is expected. It teaches them that putting barely any effort and getting by on what little they have retained in class is enough to "pass" or succeed in life.

    2) It is inherently unfair to the students who excel.

    As a student in grade school, I consistently get A+ grades. I understand on a first-hand basis that it is unfair when students who are getting D grades and students who get A+ grades alike are grouped together. It discourages the excelling students and provides unrealistic motivation to the failing students. Motivation and encouragement is one of the key factors to success, but only when it is founded in reality. Saying to a failing student "You can do it! You can attend Harvard some day if only you try" is hypocritical and actually mocking him.

  • For these critical reasons,

    Public school classes should not be graded on a pass/fail basis because it has many negative effects that would put students in habits that would lead them to the wrong future. Using the pass/fail system is an unreasonable change to the current grading system which is working well.

    My first contention is that students will try to do the bare minimum. They will only do enough to get a passing grade. Students won’t take the time to absorb the information that is given to them because they are just studying what would get them through, And according to ConnectUsFund. Org, Students would become lazy and less focused in class. They would learn less.

    My second contention is that a pass/fail grading system would not prepare students for college or get them to the top or near the top in the workforce. If they are giving the bare minimum, They won’t be used to the amount time and effort that is needed to get an A in high school, And as a result, They would not be accepted into a college they want to go to, And that could mean that they wouldn’t be eligible for a job they might need to be financially stable. This is because teachers are just deciding if a student has scored enough to pass. It does not bring out and enhance a student’s best work, And according to the Committee for Educational Policy, This type of system is not accurate enough to assess a student’s skill in these subjects. Basically, The pass/fail system would give America a lazier, Mediocre workforce that would drag us down as a country.

    My third contention is that pass/fail systems are too vague. Our current grading system does not just have As, Bs, Cs, Ds, And Fs. Students are also given a citizenship grade that is needed to determine if a student should be placed in an honors class that is just as important as having an A. In subjects such as Art and Music, There is a participation grade that is not covered by the pass/fail system.

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