• Yes, they should.

    Renewable energy is the key to ensuring that we have a future and that there is still a planet for future generations to enjoy and exploit. The better we take care of the planet the bigger the chance that future generations will have the opportunity to continue to try and destroy it.

  • Yes, more states should undoubtedly pass renewable energy acts.

    Yes, more states should undoubtedly pass renewable energy acts. Clean, renewable energy is a must, and it is something that the United States and other countries and places around the world should constantly work towards. Renewable energy helps make our planet a cleaner place, rather than dirty it up with pollution.

  • Yes, we need to be more concerned about the planet and future generations.

    Most of the world is acting much too slowly to combat climate change and ensuring that we don't run out of resources. Action most likely needed to be taken much earlier, but perhaps we can salvage something if we start now. Renewable, clean energy should be one of our top priorities as a nation and as a world.

  • They are not financially sound

    It costs the states more money to make renewable energy than the state receives by selling the energy. It's mandating that producers make energy that is less efficient and less profitable. Ultimately, the people who win are the people who get subsidized contracts to build this kind of energy. The taxpayers are the ones who lose.

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