• Yes, I think more states should implement Stand Your Ground laws.

    I think Stand Your Ground is a fantastic law that empowers the individual to know that they are legally able to defend themselves from a potential lethal threat with deadly force, I think it is a shame that more states don't have this law on the books already and I hope with time it is widely adopted.

  • Yes, it should be clearly stated.

    Stand your ground laws need to be examined in light of the history of self defense laws. Castle doctrine is the idea that if you are in your home, no intruder has any right to be there and lethal force can be used. Certain states went against this, and introduced a duty to retreat, meaning an effort to flee must be made first, even in your own home. This introduced gray area. To reduce this gray area, stand your ground allows anyone who is someplace they are legally allowed to be, to use deadly force if their or anthers life is in danger. All the law does is clarify the situation.

  • Basic self defense.

    Yes, more states should implement Stand Your Ground laws, because people have a right to self-defense. There should not be a duty to retreat, especially if a person is in their home. A person should be able to stand their ground, rather than be chased away by someone who insists on being a menace.

  • No person should have this kind of power.

    This article is enough to explain what I mean. Yes people should be able to defend themselves, No they should not use lethal force. Guns are a major issue in this country already as is. I own guns myself for hunting purposes and for sport shooting, however I never carry a weapon with me to avoid these types of situations. Considering how rare it really is to happen, I should put a no trespassing sign on my property so I can shoot at people in self defense.

  • No, more states should not implement Stand Your Ground laws.

    No, Stand Your Ground laws are not an appropriate response to crime. Allowing those who feel threatened to use as much excessive, or even deadly, force as they deem necessary puts others at risk unnecessarily. These laws create an unsafe, violent society, and allow no recourse for those who are attacked due to mere suspicion.

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