Should more states pass laws eliminating or restricting coal-fired power?

  • States should slowly phase out coal-fired power

    Getting rid of coal-fired power suddenly would have a harmful effect on the economy. However, if it were phased out, it could soften the economic blow, and in the end wind up saving the world even more as a result of less pollution. Oregon has made a good choice, but if the rest of us were to follow instantly it would be catastrophic.

  • Save Our Earth

    Restricting coal-fired power is becoming a hot topic as the industry is being targeted for the outpouring of pollution produced by these power plants. At a time when the world is focused on the ozone layer, the betterment of our air quality and the idea of becoming a more "green" world, the laws eliminating coal fired companies should adhere to stricter policies.

  • More states should pass laws eliminating or restricting coal-fired power.

    Like Oregon which becomes the first US state to pass laws completely eliminating or restricting coal-fired power, other states should follow. Coal being a non renewable resource is also one of the major sources of carbon emissions. Climate change has been seriously causing major changes world over and several other countries including the UK and China have decided to either phase out or completely ban coal fired power.

  • More states should not pass laws eliminating or restricting coal-fired power

    More states should not pass laws eliminating or restricting coal-fired power because to do so would have dire consequences. Such laws are based on a narrative, questionable at best, relative to climate change. These laws also do not consider the number of people who will be unemployed as a result of such closures.

  • Without coal, where would we get electricity

    A majority of our electricity comes from coal and there are no real harms that come from it. There is no real man made global warming. Did you realize that people stopped calling it global warming WHEN IT STOPPED WARMING and then it became climate change. During the peak of the industreal evolution, there was no noticeble heat spike... Just to put that out there... There was no ice age either

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