• Yes, I think more effort should be made to educate the public about Hodgkin's disease.

    I think there should be more awareness campaigns and general education of Hodgkin's disease and how to look for warning signs that you or a loved one may be getting it, catching it early may open up more treatments options then catching it to late in the process and having very little ways to deal with it.

  • Medical Knowledge Available

    I believe all medical conditions should be better understand by people, but there's no way to force this information upon people. With the Internet, people can access information on Hodgkin's Disease. It's already there, so if it isn't being accessed there's a lack of interest. Hodgkin's Disease doesn't impact everyone, so it's difficult to push the information on people that aren't affected by the problem.

  • Yes, people should be more educated on Hodgkin's Disease

    I think people ought to be ought to be made mo0re educated on Hodgkin's Disease and all diseases for that matter. I myself do not know much about Hodgkin's, but what if I found myself in a situation where in an emergency, I didn't know what to do or how to react? I would want to know.

  • No, there shouldn't be more education about Hodgkin's Disease.

    I do not think it is necessary for there to be more education in regards to Hodgkin's Disease. While it is a sad and tragic disease that affects a lot of people, I do not think it warrants funds and efforts to be used to educate more people about it. Plus there are a lot of information about it on the Internet.

  • There should not.

    There should not be more substantial efforts be made to educate people about Hodgkin's Disease. It is a very rare disease, so it would just be a waste of time and money to educate more people. They should allocate that funding into find a cure for the disease instead of education.

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