Should more taxes be spent on aged out foster kids?

Asked by: fawny
  • Aged out foster kids are more at risk

    Foster kid's unique situation make them more at risk for unemployment, underemployment, homelessness and dependency on social assistance. Funds in the form of taxes are already given to foster kids to help them, but it leaves them in the poverty trap, often dependant on social assistance and unable to move forward. Often it can lead to the cycle of abuse, where foster kids are more likely to become young parents who are unable to care for their children, who can likely end up in care too.
    If we invest in foster kids, they can help give back to the community.

  • The people who

    Pay the most taxes are stereotypically people with good jobs who have all of their children with them and in check. Hopefully those children will also grow up to have good jobs and pay taxes too. I think that the tax money should be spent equally, seeing as that is what they were designed to do in the first place. Spending more money on one group of people is not only demoralising to the people who pay taxes but do not fit the above bracket, but is unfair. Everyone should have equal opportunity.

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