Should more taxpayer money be put towards health philanthropy initiatives?

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  • Enough taxpayer money is being wasted

    Health philanthrophy is a very worthy cause. But it should be limited to charitible donations and not include taxpayer funds. Taxpayers are already burdened enough and lots of taxpayer dollars already go to the redistribution of wealth. We do not need even more taxpayer dollars going towards wealth distribution while our soldiers are getting their benefits trimmed.

  • Then it's not charity.

    No, more taxpayer money should not be put towards health philanthropy initiatives, because that is not the same thing as true philanthropy. That is only a public grant. People should be able to vote with their own dollars as to where they give to charity. It should not be a government decision.

  • No, our tax payer money should go toward education.

    No, philanthropy should be handled as little as possible by the government and mostly by private citizens. Our tax payer dollars need to go more so toward education and ensuring the welfare of our poorest citizens. If we do that--if we take care of those two things--we can't lose as a country.

  • Government Implement Price Controls

    I do not believe more taxpayer money should be put towards health philanthropy initiatives. I believe the health industry has become to greedy and the high cost of health care is proof of that. This industry has collected a large portion of American wealth. I believe the government should implement price controls rather than use more taxpayer money.

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