• Should Provide Health Care

    I don't think the main problem in America is employers not offering HMO health care coverage, it's employers offering no health insurance at all. We need more employers that will offer health insurance regardless of the type as long as it falls in with the laws in health care act. I believe the instance of employers like McDonald's and Wal-Mart refusing to provide health insurance is obvious proof of these companies reputations for taking advantage of the economy, their employees, and their customers.

  • Yes, I think U.S employers should provide HMO health coverage.

    I believe all employers should be required to provide health insurance to their employees, I feel that it is a vital necessity to have in life and most people are not going to be able to afford it out of pocket. I feel that employers should provide health care coverage to the maximum extent they can to their employees.

  • No,right no isn't a good time

    I think they should hold back until the country get a little better. I ts hard to say what businesses should and could do,but we are hurting so bad anything can kill that business. In a perfect world we should do what helps the people,but its not a perfect world and its not the 80;s.

  • It's not part of employment.

    No, more U.S. employers should not provide HMO health care coverage, because providing health care coverage is not a condition of employment. People will stay in certain jobs that are not the best for them, because they have health insurance. Health insurance should be something that people buy independently, rather than through an employer.

  • Employers should remain resilient

    More United States employers should not provide HMO health care coverage. Instead they could increase the wages of their employees and then let their employees seek inexpensive coverage somewhere else. If employers spent the money on giving it to their employees, then they would have more money to spend on healthcare.

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