• Short time base program is always good

    Yes, because this program is a short time base program that helps people to go back to college and get their degree in a short time. The competency program offers a lot benefits like financial aid, loan, and grants to the students who get qualified to attract more students toward their program. This is a good program that makes people to achieve their goal in a short time.

  • Yes, I believe so.

    I do think mor unviersities should offer competency based degree programs. Even better, I wish every university was completely free and that anyone could give it a try in order to better their lives. There is no guarantee for success, but an education is about as close as you can get.

  • Yes, more universities should offer competency-based programs.

    I definitely think that more universities should offer competency-based degree programs. It is something that can help people and be beneficial. I think that such programs only make sense since it is something that a lot of students would be interested in doing. That is why I think that it is something that universities should do.

  • Like trade certificates.

    Yes, universities should offer more competency-based degree programs, because it would be helpful for employers to know that the people they are looking at hiring are competent in the areas they claim to be competent in. It would also be helpful to the students to know that there are jobs in their fields.

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