• Reduce the Prison Population

    United States prisons are bursting at the seams because there are so many incarcerated people. In order to reduce this population, and also for the good of these individuals, our system needs to place greater emphasis on rehabilitation. This means making better programs that meet the needs of inmates and those who are newly released.

  • Yes, it should be.

    I do think that rehabilitation should be more emphasized in the criminal justice system. Either that, or release all of the non-violent drug offenders. They are called correctional facilities afterall, so let's get on top of either correcting the behavior or housing people who are actually a menace to society.

  • A common sense plan

    Basically all human beings in a prison are in that prison because they made bad decisions. In my own situation, the way I was brought up and the quality of life I had as a youth, I have never had any problems that would cause me to be confined in a prison. Most likely all the people confined to a prison cell had just the opposite situation in their formative years. All possible help should be given, professional and otherwise, to rehabilitate someone confined in a prison.

  • Rehabilitation is the only way to stop recidivism.

    A criminal who gets caught typically understood that this was always a possibility. There is no criminal who truly believed they were going to get away with it forever. When they do get caught, and a punishment is handed down, they accept that too. Now, with a record, they have committed themself to a life of crime. Getting a job is no longer a priority. Not getting caught doing illegal things is now their priority.

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