• The optimistic future of women also lies on her.

    Every prostitute demeans hundreds of women. It's right to commit a sin against the sinner. Sinners have no right to be praise. I mean, I objectify women because they are immodest and I don't praise them. I respect modest women and praise them because of doing a virtue. Praising good people will better themselves and praising a sinner doing a sin make themselves worse. Hurting others is a sin but it is the way to teach sinners a lesson. Seducing is a sin that victimizes other people because it corrupts the minds of men. Prostitutes must teach a lesson and learn to live in true happiness.

  • More women should adhere to Melissa Farley's ideas against prostitution.

    If one agrees that prostitution is a type of oppression that may cause ptsd then it would definitely be helpful if more women supported her cause.It could work as a type of sisterhood where it did not matter what life situation one was in because they supported the same cause.

  • It is respectful.

    Yes, more women should adhere to Melissa Farley's ideas against prostitution, because her ideas against prostitution are very respectful towards women. Women should not be treated as commodities only for physical use. She is correct to speak out and encourage women to demand more respect than prostitution. More women should take after her.

  • Prostitution Demeans Women

    Prostitution simply promulgates the theory that women are subservient to men in every way. All a man has to do is flash enough money in the right direction and he gets sexual pleasure from a woman. Prostitution may as well be legal sexual abuse. The situation gets worse when there are underage prostitutes in the sex trade that have no self esteem. More women should adhere to Melissa Farley's ideas because prostitution just leads to more sexual abuse passed on from one generation to the next.

  • Prostitution is bad

    Yes, they should listen to her ideas against prostitution, because Melissa spent a long time building facts and researching to make sure that she has correct ideas. Prostitution is a serious problem that all girls and women need to learn about, so that they do not get caught up in it someday.

  • There Are Positives And Negatives

    According to Wikipedia, Farley favors the abolition of prostitution holding that prostitutes are the weaker partner in the transaction thus prostitution is inherently exploitative and traumatizing. While Melissa Farley may know far more about prostitution and its affects due to her studies and writings on the topic, she has also met criticism in her methodology and for her sources of funding. These particular problems mean that her findings may well be biased to favor a certain outcome.

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