• Skirts and dresses are for ladies

    A proper lady wears skirts and dress all the time. No trousers or jeans because a lady should look modest and feminine.

    Moreover ladies do not wear sneakers, but modest shoes and frequently high heeled shoes. Skirts and dresses look a lot better when you wear these shoes.

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  • Looks smarter and better

    Women and girls should wear skirts much more often than they do.Women should wear a skirt if they are in a job of authority as it commands more respect.Girls should wear skirts to school skirts should be compulsory for all girls as they behave more girlie when they are wearing a skirt.

  • I think women look more feminine and softer.

    I have work pants and sneakers for years. This started when I stayed home with my children. While it was great for wear and tear on my clothes, I was getting sloppier by the year. I think more functional dresses would encourage more women to try dresses more often rather than on special occasions only.

  • Femininity is Sexy!

    Us guys love a girl in a skirt or dress as it is a show of femininity which is what attracts us to her. Jeans are fine, but a girl who rocks a pretty dress will always have guys looking twice! Summer is so awesome when the girls get their summer dresses out.

  • In an age of gender confusion, it is a clear stand.

    As a woman, I do not appreciate being referred to as "cis gendered" by confused men who attempt to appropriate my gender. I am a woman, and God made me that way. America was a much stronger country when it had a moral backbone and stood on the principal of God's word and held gender roles. Nobody can claim society is better, evolved, more efficient, stable, or healthy with the proliferation of divorce, abortion, drug abuse, lazy men who won't work to support their families, transgendered CHILDREN (which is child abuse), and the clearly-stated agenda to destroy the nuclear family. Pants identify a woman as supportive of the feminist agenda, which is one of the most destructive movements to ever face a woman. Skirts identify a woman who is happy in her God-given role as a woman and express her femininity. Something no amount of surgery or genital mutilation can create.

  • Yes To Skirts

    Being feminine and girly is not only very attractive, but should make a woman feel better about herself as well. Not to say what others feelnis important, but in society hoiw you present yourself is paramount on many occasions. Plus, being a guy, I enjoy being with ultra girly girls because they seem much moire confident and comfortable in their own skin. Bare Skin that is! Lol. Just kidding.

  • It's classy and feminine

    I wear skirts every day, it allow me to express my femininity not to mention being more classy and sophisticated, fashionable and chic. They are practical and most of all you can move about more freely in a skirt than you can in pants. Even in the winter months you can wear a skirt with some warm leggings or tights underneath.

  • Pants are for men, skirts are for women

    Women regularly wearing pants is a recent phenomenon. In the past, women wore skirts/dresses, and that was that, no one complained. We have gender differences! And clothing choices portray that! This is a good thing. Only recently have pants been seen as unisex, but look what else has happened in the past, more divorce, more single parents, more issues in general. I'm not saying pants are the cause of it, but women wearing pants and those other issues both stem from an attitude that women need to be like men, instead of understanding their role as women. If more women understood this, it would lead to more skirt wearing, and acting appropriately as a woman, thus creating happier homes and marriages, and less divorce, single moms, etc.

  • It's feminine, loving, beautiful.

    Nowadays everyone can wear whatever they like. Women have much wider choice of clothes than men. They should use different clothes, do not be afraid of their feminine spirit. A dress or skirt doesn't have to expose underwear if it's proper length. Besides, they can be worn with thick, warm tights, non-transparent ones, leggings, etc, I'm personally fond of women who look like women and who want to look like them. Generally, when a woman choses a dress or skirt to wear on a specific day, she takes more attention to her appearance.

  • It suits Woman's Nature

    Men and women were created differently - and they should not be sad about these differences. Clothing shows forth in a visible manner the invisible nature of each person. Women wearing feminine clothing are in accord with their nature and help men to be men. Opposites attract and compliment .

  • More women and girls should what they want based on what they want

    And not on what they think dudes will consider pretty. Outside of the fact that I don't think being pretty needs to be the end all be all goal, I just don't like skirts. I remember in grade school, girls were forced to where skirts--even in the winter--and they were always uncomfortable. We were always told not to stand if a boy is sitting because then he can look up your skirt (grumble) See, with pants you don't have to worry about any of that nonsense. They're comfortable, and they get the job done without all the tedious rules that come with wearing a skirt. This is just my opinion, of course, and that's not to say I will NEVER wear a skirt. It all depends on the person and what they want--just as long as they are, in fact, doing it for what they want, and not what others want.

  • No no no


  • Only if they want to

    I'm sensing a gender rolls vibe from this and I don't agree. I don't think women should wear skirts because they're feminine and women MUST be feminine. If a woman would like to wear a skirt, they by all means, wear your skirt but if a woman does not want to wear a skirt, she doesn't be forced to wear one. Personally, if I was a girl I probably wouldn't want to wear a skirt because I don't like them. I don't think they're cute, or comfortable or nice to wear. They're annoying ugly and personally I don't care for them but if you do then you do and you should wear it if you do like it.

  • Modest? Feminine? PFFT!

    Not all women have to be the same, You know. Yeah, Some like to wear skirts and dresses, And that's fine. Others like me don't like them. Just shut up, Mind your own beeswax, And let me do what I want. You can be happy just the way you are.

    I'm aromantic and asexual, So I don't have the need to please men. I'm not a sex toy, Or some perfect little doll. I didn't know people were still this pathetic.

  • Modest? Feminine? PFFT!

    Not all women have to be the same, You know. Yeah, Some like to wear skirts and dresses, And that's fine. Others like me don't like them. Just shut up, Mind your own beeswax, And let me do what I want. You can be happy just the way you are.

    I'm aromantic and asexual, So I don't have the need to please men. I'm not a sex toy, Or some perfect little doll. I didn't know people were still this pathetic.

  • Specially considering when and why this trend started.

    Menstruation was considered sinful in the past. It's in the bible, torah,...
    We had to hide it, or face extreme prejudices.
    And tampons weren't invented yet, so the way to go was bulky stuff like folded towels, compressed grass and similar stuff tucked in the groin.
    This is why we had larger tunics than the guys.
    And why we didn't adopted pants earlier.
    While in modern times, what was a form of censorship and display of submission also turned into over-sexualization.
    So, we don't look feminine in skirts, for the same reason a guy wouldn't look feminine.
    We look like someone who is in outdated clothes, that expose our bodies, is impractical for anything (even going to bathroom considering your panties will touch the dirty floor instead of the insides of trousers) and historically represents submission to sexism.

  • What the hell kind of bullshit

    Why do all of the arguments in favor of this have to do with being feminine and more attractive. The day I dress for a man is the day they dress my cold dead carcass in that casket. If a girl wants to wear a skirt, that's awesome! Some girls really love it. But if they don't? Why are they expected to because it's cute and feminine? This is bullshit. It's 2018. I thought we were better than this.

  • Men should were more skirts and dresses

    Wouldn't it be better if everyone just wore what they felt comfortable in. Many females are not comfortable showing off their legs in public and many males would be happy to if it wasn't thought of being weird. Look at how many men now were shorts for work because it is more comfortable. As a middle aged woman I would be very unhappy if I was expected to wear dresses and skirts all the time even if I do enjoy doing it occasionally.

  • Men wearing skirts?

    Why can't men wear those? Is it illegal or what ?Cause I feel comfortable and cool in these, and I think that it can be nice for men to look good and comfortable in these. It may look funny, but maybe you all will get used to it and like it.

  • People should wear whatever they want

    A woman or man should be able to wear whatever they want. It's 2017 for Christ's sake, why are so many people still having such archaic thoughts? A woman should not dress just for looking attractive. And pants don't make a woman any less feminine. She should dress in whatever she feels is comfortable.

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