• Absolutely as long as they're qualified.

    The upper echelons of government should be more representative of the general population. I'm an educated woman with many successful professional female friends. They are just as capable as their male counterparts, if not more so, since many of them balance work and home in a way most men don't. I'd absolutely like to see more women in government.

  • They can be selected if they are strong enough to handle the position.

    Executive positions require strong leadership. The leaders of organizations must command respect with people willing to follow their orders and suggestions. If women can command respect among the people under them, then they can have executive positions in government. If they are not respected by their peers then it is unlikely they will be successful.

  • Yes, more women should be involved in government in executive positions.

    Yes, more women should be involved as executives in government. The standards set by the government affect all of its citizens, not just the lives of men, and the voice of women must be heard if the government is to be fair. Without representation of women in positions of power, the laws, regulations, and standards of a nation lacks the input of half its citizens. Diversity in government is not just a trendy concept; it is vital to the operation of a country that intends to work for the people, not just for the men.

  • Women should not be selected to executive positions of the goverment if it is soley off their sex.

    Women should not be chosen over men to have an executive position within the government, unless her credentials are stronger. I believe their is a bias against women holding government positions but I do not think the answer is a bias for. Instead they should be viewed on the same field as men are.

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