• Yes, I agree.

    And they should be a little more difficult too. I notice a lot of Indian kids excel at these things. Somehow a challenge needs to be added to get a different group of kids of and to keep ties from happening. Yeah I definately agree. Sorry, I don't have five more words to add, lol.

  • Yes, the spelling be should add more tie-breaking words.

    Yes, the spelling bee is supposed to have just one winner. These kids work their butts off all year round, and they want the crown. To win the spelling bee, and take that trophy home is a huge accomplishment, one that many don't want to share. When you train the way they do you want to be the best, not co-best.

  • Larger word bank would be helpful

    A larger word bank would be one way to avoid a tie in the future. However, this solution does not necessarily eliminate the possibility of a tie. The bank of words used in the spelling bee is incredibly vast and incredibly difficult. If two spellers already proved they can spell anything thrown at them, adding more words won't fix the issue necessarily.

  • Adding additional words, doesn't guarantee a "win"

    It is completely possible that there could be another set of folks who are superior spellers competing again. If there are multiple people capable of spelling numerous challenging words, and they have essentially equal abilities, then adding or subtracting words won't change the outcome of the spelling bee and won't prevent future ties.

  • More words should not be added to the spelling bee.

    More words should not be added to the spelling bee. I disagree because the final contestants have out spelled hundreds of kids to make it to the end of the tournament. So, if they both children have correctly spelled all the words they should share the victory. It is something that most people can not do.

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