• It's not rocket science.

    Able bodied and disabled people can get into a wheelchair accessible accommodation but only able bodied people can get into a non wheelchair accessible accommodation. It's not rocket science people! Just make it accessible for everyone and everyone is happy. Also if you are renting a property it widens your possible buyers. This concept is often overlooked but people in wheelchairs often have to pay more for things so it could become a great selling point. I'm in a wheelchair myself and I'd buy a place with built in rams and big toilet rooms ect. It's a brilliant selling point so just think of that.

  • Disabled people should have more access.

    More accommodations should be made for disabled people. This is because they are human beings like the rest of us and should have equal access to everything that we do. This means adjusting some occupational conditions to allow disabled people to join them, and increasing the availability of athletics for disabled people too.

  • There should be acomadations on every structure

    Every structure should have at least some sort of accommodations for disabled persons to enter and exit freely.In my opinion this should be part of any anti racial discrimination laws regarding places of business. If more accommodations were made, the disabled person would be able to use a building without help or actions from others.Every structure should be abe to be entered by any person, regardless of situation.

  • Yes, I think more accommodations should be made for disabled people.

    I think we have made great strides in recent years for accommodating disabled people in many ways, I believe we should always be looking at more sensible ways to continue to accommodate these people so they can have the highest quality of life as possible, I believe these people deserve that from their Government.

  • Should Not Forget

    I believe it is important to continue with the ADA accessibility plans we currently use to ensure that people with disabilities have the same access other people do. It is important not to undermine these people especially in society because doing so limits their rights and freedoms. I can not imagine how frustrating it would be to find you can't go somewhere because its all steps or there is a curb or any other number of accessibility issues comes up.

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