Should more (yes) or less (no) money be spent on battling the spread of HIV/AIDS?

  • More should be spent.

    I think more should be spent on battling the spread of HIV and AIDS, but it has to be approached differently. Firstly, there has to be free condoms available world wide. And they should be easily accessible. Secondly, more money should be put toward a vaccine. A cure is almost here.

  • More money should be spent on battling the spread of HIV/AIDS.

    I think over the years we have come a long way to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS as well as done a lot to help people live longer with it. I think if we keep it going, we will see the numbers decrease further. And then we can begin thinking about decreasing the amount of money spent.

  • It's up to the people.

    Less, not more money should be spent on the HIV/AIDS, because now that we know that blood transfusions can be screened for AIDS, it is unlikely that anyone who gets AIDS today is a neutral player. Today, people get AIDS from intravenous drug use, or from homosexual intercourse. They can prevent AIDS by refraining from these behaviors.

  • less right now

    The budget right now is already stretched to the max. I think that we should spend money on other things first. It would be nice if a private sector firm picked up the bill,but I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon. It still a huge issue,but we have other needs right now.

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