Should more (yes) or less (no) so-called 'zero tolerance' laws be enacted in the United States?

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  • Less, Less, Less

    I believe there should be less so-called, zero tolerance laws, enacted in the United States. To me, it seems like we are constantly making laws we do not need and I do not believe we have any major issues that would need addressed with zero tolerance laws. Remember, with every law a little more freedom is lost.

  • Zero tolerance is a contradiction of terms.

    To have zero tolerance is to be intolerant, so it is pointless to make laws that emphasize zero tolerance. Additionally, a lack of tolerance does not allow for any sort of human errors. Humans are flawed and are bound to make mistakes. Because of the intolerant nature of them, zero tolerance laws often strap otherwise good people with scarlet letters.

  • They are too restrictive

    Unless there are provisions for making case by case exceptions, we may not need more zero-tolerance laws. Zero tolerance laws are appropriate in certain situations, but there is some debate as to their effectiveness as deterrents and crime reducers. Also, sometimes the people in charge of applying those laws don't understand how they should work, or don't agree with them, so they may not enforce those laws as written.

  • I think we have enough

    When I think about this question, I honestly believe we have enough of these zero tolerance laws as it is already. For example, we have zero tolerance for murder (if convicted), rape, child abuse, etc. I do not feel zero tolerance laws are necessary for drug use and/or grand theft auto.

  • America Should Concentrate on Freedom

    I believe American politicians are obsessed with creating laws. We have laws in this country that serve no real purpose. We have laws that are unenforceable. We have laws that only apply to tiny percentages of the population. We have laws that don't make any common sense. I do not this we should implement any more "zero tolerance" laws because the more we do this, the less freedom we have.

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