Should mosques be designated as terrorism organizations?

  • Mosques are only places of worship.

    This question is ridiculous.
    You can’t blame an entire religion for the crimes of a few. When Terry Nichols and Timothy Mcveigh blew
    up a federal building, no one said that we should call every church a terrorist
    organization. The only terrorist
    organizations are organizations that commit acts of terror. The terrorist label should apply only to
    those who actually commit the crimes.

  • No absolutely not

    Mosque is a place to pray and to recite the Holy books nothing else, its a centre of learning and a learned person would never commit terrorism.
    Organizations like ISIS don't even have a Uran with them according to some of their escaped prisoners but you wouldn't know about that because you only believe what you want to believe not considering the fact that you could be wrong

  • Can't label "Terrorism"

    The only way this can should be done if it can be proven that all (100%) of mosques have ties to terrorist organizations. We live in an era where generalization comes before research and that can be deadly to those who are innocent. They should be delt with on a case by case basis.

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