Should most of the economic stimulus money earmarked for schools go to increasing educators' pay?


    Of course some of the money should go to teacher pay. You wouldn't believe the amount of money that goes to the educational system each year--and not for pay. Teacher insurance is high- mine is over $700 per month. Without factoring in cost of insurance, I still only make about $15 per hour. I am half-way through my Masters. They do not pay me that $15 per hour when I am off in the summers. It is important we realize teachers are not volunteers and deserve a living wage and cost of living increases. It is unfair to think differently for the ones preparing children for their futures. If my husband were to leave me, I would qualify to be on assitance from the government. That would at least say me my insurance cost. It is a shame that I would not have the money to support my family when I am a college educated professional. I don't know what planet people are on that think teachers are making a 100k per year. I will say if you have donated 20 years to your profession then your pay should reflect that. If teacher pay keeps getting neglected parents are going to start wondering where all the teachers have gone. I love what I do, but I think taxpayers and legislature should remember that we are just as important as any other job out there.

  • I support stimulus money to increase educators' pay; their work is important.

    I support stimulus money to increase educators' pay; their work is important. As an educator, I know they are responsible for molding today's youth into the future of tomorrow. Educators provide youth with knowledge that they will be able to use for their life. If educators were not around, there would be no doctors, lawyers, etc. For this reason they should be paid more. They are paid very little for the important duty that they provide to students. Their payment should be in conjunction with the benefit they provide.

    Posted by: PuzzlingDarrin48
  • Yes, because teachers are the most important educators in school children's lives.

    In my opinion, people who choose to become educators are doing more than they are paid to do. On top of teaching, they are also disciplining and babysitting students during school hours. It takes a lot of patience and experience to become a good teacher. They should be rewarded with a higher salary (from economic stimulus money) than they currently earn.

    Posted by: FeIBuddy
  • I think the stimulus money should go to underfunded schools, and not to teacher salaries because we need to support our schools to improve the quality of education.

    Teachers are underpaid. I am a teacher and I am underpaid. But that being said, the stimulus money should go to supporting struggling, under-achieving schools. We need more staff in our schools and more resources. We need to use the money to find innovative ways to improve our scores in math and reading, find ways to target gifted and struggling students, and bring back much needed afterschool programs. Teacher salaries need to be fixed but now is not the right time to do so.

    Posted by: JayceC
  • Most of the economic stimulus money earmarked for schools should go to increasing teachers' pay because we are losing too many teachers due to low wages.

    We are losing too many teachers due to low wages and we are not attracting good, skilled teachers because the pay is so low. Low paying jobs naturally are going to go to low-skilled applicants. If you pay a good wage, better-educated applicants will be attracted to apply for teachers' jobs and stay in the jobs once they're filled.

    Posted by: JeffP4ri5
  • No, I don't think most of the economic stimulus money should go toward funding teachers' salaries, because I believe there are other programs that probably need the money more.

    I think that teachers can make decent money, in the right market. I feel that there are other programs within the school systems that need the money. Maybe if we put enough money into the programs, then the teachers won't have to use their money on supplies or other things.

    Posted by: MundaneEdward45
  • I don't think the money earmarked for schools should go to the teachers, because I think it should benefit the students.

    Forward progress is always going to be the burden of our children. Money earmarked to fund schools should fund the schools at their foundation, that is, the children. If teachers start getting paid more for doing the same amount of work, everyone would want that treatment. Reward the teachers after they have proved themselves by helping the children.

    Posted by: FarWilton97
  • I do not believe school stimulus money should go towards educators' pay, because it is more important to provide for the students.

    While I believe that educators should be well paid, we are in tight economic times, and now is not the time for pay increases. Giving the students what they need should always be the number one priority in schools, and increasing teacher salaries should be secondary. Many have had to take pay freezes because of the current economy, and educators should be no different.

    Posted by: elliso23
  • I don't believe that economic stimulus money should be earmarked for increasing educators' pay, because of the many other needs in this country right now.

    Economic stimulus money should not be earmarked to increase educators' pay. There are too many other needs in this country right now, and I don't believe that teachers should be singled out for raises. Teachers have always complained that they don't get paid enough. But, I feel that, with the state of our education system, many have not proven to be entitled to a raise. We don't have the extra money for that and have too many financial mountains we need to climb. We need to make sure social security and Medicaid are taken care of, along with many, many other things, before we single out any group of people for pay increases.

    Posted by: SilentIgnacio
  • The huge amount of money being given to schools should go to improve classrooms and schools, and not to increase what teachers earn.

    The teachers' salaries are good enough, as it is. However, a lot of schools out there are lacking in quality books, classrooms, and other things that any decent school should have to help the students learn. The money from the stimulus should be more focused on fixing that first.

    Posted by: SpiritualRobt99
  • As schools have other pressing needs, I oppose increasing educators' pay with the economic stimulus money.

    Schools today are facing increasing expenses - books, other supporting personnel, and even the buildings themselves. Most schools require renovations that have become increasingly more expensive. Textbooks have also become very expensive. Additionally, if you increase the educators' salaries, you must also increase the supporting personnel's salaries. Everyone has many more expenses today, and just because someone is an instructor does not merit additional pay.

    Posted by: debs40
  • No, the money earmarked for schools should not go to increasing the educators pay because there are far too many other things that need the money more than the teachers.

    The teachers are underpaid, they go on strike about that issue almost every year and waste every ones time in the process. A little more money will not really help issues, especially with the fact that most of the money will go to pad peoples pay checks who do not need it, like sports coaches. The money would be far better spent on new books, repairs and hiring entirely new teachers to shrink class sizes down. At least that way the teachers would be working less, even if they are not paid more.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • It should be equally divided.

    First I think the money should go to those school systems who are burdened the most. We need to look at what school systems have the highest student to teacher ratio and try to balance the classrooms out. Secondly we need to look at the age of the educational materials that our children are using. Then that needs to be updated. And last we need to take a look at teacher salaries. If the teachers are not getting the job done and the children are not advancing, then why should we give them more money?

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • The economic stimulus money earmarked for school should go towards more things than just increasing educator's pay.

    Some of the economic stimulus money earmarked for schools should go to increasing educators' pay, but I think a majority of the money should go towards other supplies greatly needed for the children. For example, money should go toward providing books to everyone that is in need. It should go towards improving facilities at the schools, such as sports, music, and science equipment. School buildings should be safe and accessible and should be able to provide a good learning environment.

    Posted by: EImerN4th
  • Teachers make more per hour than many professions.

    Teachers work fewer than 40 hours a week for only 3/4 of the year. They have a higher hourly wage ($35 roughly) than engineers, paralegals, and many other professions. They also have far better health benefits than private sector employees. Add in tenure, which makes it hard to fire bad teachers, and they have a better employment package than the taxpayers who pay them. If we need to cut costs, we need to cut administrative pay.

    Posted by: Pir4And

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