• Yes, probably so.

    In terms of her service to humanity and her concern for the poor, Mother Teresa of Calcutta exemplifies the type of saint the church needs today. She is a real person, too, with her own set of questions and doubts, which makes her even more accessible, so she is definitely one type of role model.

  • Make Mother Teresa a saint.

    Mother Teresa should be made a saint by the Catholic Church. This is so because there seems to be so few people who do so many good things in the world. Mother Teresa was a truly giving, selfless woman who wanted to help heal and feed the sick and the hungry. I hope she makes it to sainthood.

  • Yes Mother Teresa should be sainted by the Catholic Church.

    Offering my opinion from the position of someone who is not Catholic the life-long actions, conduct and interactions with world leaders that gave voice the suffering the poor is a miracle that the Catholic Church should recognize and reward Mother Teresa for her commitment to the poor, sick and "unloved" people of the world!

  • Sure, make Mother Teresa a saint.

    Sure, make Mother Teresa a saint. I am not Catholic but she did a lot of really cool stuff and helped tons and tons of needy people, why not honor her for it? Sounds like a really great idea to me. Once again though, I'm not Catholic, so I don't know if they have some sort of criteria that she doesn't meet.

  • Mother Teresa should be made a saint in the Catholic Church

    Mother Teresa should be made a saint in the Catholic Church. The Catholics have a long history and tradition of making people in to saints, and Mother Teresa should definitely be part of their saints. She was an important figure and voice for the Catholic Church and people need to know about her and the humble life she lived.

  • No mother Teresea was not a saint

    MT took in millions and never funneled the money to her hospital or the people she was supposed to be helping. She was not about love she was about raising money for the Catholic Church and ensuring her own agenda would be met. She was not smart, her supposed nurses that worked in Calcutta were not trained, she denied dying people pain relief, She was a horrid little troll.

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