Should mothers avoid breastfeeding after a Caesarean section?

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  • Only if medically advised to

    Breastfeeding is a relatively important part of the earliest days of a newborn, it should be encouraged unless a doctor specifically advises against it. Not all Caesareans are the same, nor are all births in general, so one cannot across the board advise against the practice, it's a case by case thing.

  • Breastfeeding Okay After Caesarean

    After a Caesarean section, most mothers can still breastfeed their newborns without any major problems. Some doctors think that this should be avoided, but there is no medical evidence that breastfeeding after such a birth is actually harmful to mother or baby. Therefore, breastfeeding is necessary and recommended for newborns.

  • Mothers should not avoid breastfeeding after a Caesarean section.

    Mothers should not avoid breastfeeding after a Caesarean section. This should not have any affect on the mother or the baby. I think it would still be best to breastfeed then it would be to bottle feed your baby. I do not think that the C-section would harm the production of milk.

  • It is still healthy.

    Mothers should not avoid breastfeeding after a Caesarean section, because there is no reason that breast feeding is any less beneficial after a Caesarean section. A woman who gives birth by Caesarean is no less a woman than a woman who gives birth vaginally. The child still has the same benefits from breastfeeding, and it should be encouraged.

  • For The Doctor To Say

    I believe it is important for mothers to follow the instructions of their doctor after having a Caesarean section. Doctors are capable of assessing the situation, especially in regards to the child. Surgery does mean that there could be potentially harmful drugs in the breast milk, but its not a topic for debate, its a topic to ask a health care provide about.

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