• Yes, let me tell you something.

    It's her own body, she can do whatever she pleases with it. She can breastfeed, she could get an abortion, she can get a tattoo, she could marry anyone she liked, she could kiss one thousand men or women each day for the rest of her life and she SHOULD have every right to do so. (I say /should/ instead of /would/ because some people believe that women shouldn't have all those rights over their own bodies. Do you agree?)

  • There's no harm to it.

    The only thing different from a man and woman's chest is that woman's usually tend to jut out more, and that when their pregnant they grow milk sacks to feed their baby. They have the same anatomy otherwise. Some babies can only be breast fed, not from a bottle, straight from the boob. Its natural.

    There is nothing sexual about it, just a mother feeding her newborn child. She isn't trying to show it off or anything.

    Posted by: Cyan
  • Breastfeeding is natural!

    Breastfeeding is the act of feeding an infant through the woman's own body. It is natural, not immoral, and nothing to be ashamed of. Granted, this does not mean that women should be breastfeeding on every corner. A woman can breastfeed in a park or somewhere else that is not heavily concentrated with people. If she wishes to breastfeed in public, she can just sling a blanket over her shoulder. As a woman, I would cover myself up if I were breastfeeding in public, because I don't want anyone ogling my exposed mammary glands.

  • Who doesn't like boobs?

    Breasts are a natural and wonderful thing. I like breasts and so should you. Woman should be allowed to expose their breasts in public any time they want, even the ugly ones and the butch ones. In fact if a woman ever feels the need to expose her breasts in front of others, she can come over to my house any time. Where would we be without breasts? There are so many wonderful things about breasts, that I couldn't possibly list them all here. If you don't like breasts, then just don't look at the breasts. I don't even think that women should have to use that little blanket thingy when they want to pull out their breasts in public, in fact, they shouldn't even have to wear that shirt with the flappy thingy if they don't want to (although, they can do either if they really want to). They should just be allowed to take off their whole shirt if they want to. I even like breasts if a baby's head is covering it. I just think that if a woman pulls out her breast or breasts in public and doesn't use the shirt flappy thingy or the blanket thingy that they have no right to get upset if a man or lesbian woman happens to enjoy the breast (which is the point I was trying to make :D ). Oh yeah, breastfeeding is healthier for the baby and natural and pretty good too.

  • Yes, However... .

    Breastfeeding in public has always grossed me out personally. I don't like seeing a womens breasts when im out with my boyfriend. It's just plain awkward. However, through time i became understanding of it. My mother had my baby sister and, though she wouldn't feed her in public, she would do it in front of us(my family) and it became less awkward. My boyfriend went from ogling at the exposed chests of young mothers to staring at the babies and ignoring their boobs altogether. I don't think, however, that it is okay when children are present in clusters like playgrounds, restaurants and bars, or crowded streets and stores. Not everyone want a face full of boob. Although covering with a blanket would make rules change entirely.

  • I understand that it's natural, but still.

    Natural as it may be, I don't want to watch a woman breastfeed in public. You can say "who doesn't like boobs?!" until the cows come home, but that still doesn't change the fact that I wouldn't want to watch any woman yank down her shirt and breastfeed her child in the park or at the movies. Do it at home all you please, but is it really going to kill you to bring a bottle when you go out in public? Really?

  • It's just flat out awkard

    I understand you need to feed your baby with actually nutritious milk but at least do it somewhere like a bathroom where there are only other females who would at least understand. Especially when you can put it in bottles or any other sort of container and feed it to your baby that way...

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