Should mothers be held criminally responsible for their children having fetal alcohol syndrome?

  • The Baby Did not Chose to get intoxicated !!

    It is totally the mothers fault. Even if they had an addiction, there is always help out there. All mothers should be aware of what is dangerous for their unborn child. Poor baby has to live with something so horribly when it was making the mother feel good. What a shame,

  • Because they shouldn't drink while their pregnant.

    Its their choice. They shouldn't do it. Its not about them. Its about their baby. If a child develops fetal alcohol syndrome their mother should be held accountable for it, and should be put through rehab or go to jail for child neglect and abuse. A child should not have to go through that. They didn't do anything wrong. Why should they have to pay the price?

  • Yes yes yes

    OF COURSE YES!!! It's completely criminal! You would be held accountable if you were actually giving your child outside the womb alcohol! And for it to be enough to cause them harm physically, it completely absurd they don't already!! They need to pay for what they did to that child. If they are willing to do that to their unborn child, how could you expect they'd be a good parent?

  • Yes, I believe mothers should be held responsible.

    Yes, I believe mothers should be held responsible. If a mother is stupid enough to make the conscious decision to drink and harm their unborn baby, she should have to face legal repercussions. She is letting her own selfish desires have horrible effects on another human being for their entire life. People who decide to drive drunk are punished. Mothers who decide to drink while they are pregnant should be punished as well.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    They control what they put into there body and if they drink alcohol when they are pregnant.
    They should be held accountable for the harm they did to the child born or unborn.
    This should be a simple matter really you hurt someone you should have to pay for it.

  • YES They Should!!

    Mothers should be held criminally responsible for their children having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome because it is 100% preventable, so it is a choice they make in which their children suffer the consequences. FAS can be prevented by simply not drinking any alcohol while pregnant. Their children should not have to suffer the consequences.

  • Yes of course

    IT is PREVENTABLE. Giving your child alcoholic beverages when the child is born is illegal however giving it to your child while it is in the womb is not, Even though when given to it in the womb it can have way more damaging and lasting effects than when the baby is already born

  • This is a form of abuse

    Thake this analegy. If you force feed your child that has a penut allergy a penut then just walk away and say "Its your problem now", That is a form of abuse. Im sure most people would agree that that is wrong to do so why isnt it the same for drinking while pregnant? I do understand that somme people don't know that they are pregnant but I believe they should still be held responcible for their actions.

  • Anyone who claims no is a disgusting piece of garbage.

    A life hangs in the balance of putting down the bottle or not, but mothers still drink?! Absolutely abhorrent. Would you wish mental retardation and lifelong suffering on anyone because you weren't supposed to get hammered for 9 fuck!Ng months? They will live their whole lives with much more difficulty and hardship, so about 70 years, because the mother didn't want to stop drinking.

  • Yes yes yasssssssssss

    Because their baby will be deformed for life, they could be discriminated against for their look it is completely unreasonable and it can be a form of child abuse that can happen in the womb. So this is why mothers should be criminally charged for their child having fetal alcohol syndrome

  • This Is Ridiculous

    It is not the woman's problem that a drink now and again during a pregnancy is likely to produce a FAS baby. Would we incarcerate a woman who knowingly procreated with the knowledge that there was some non-zero chance of producing a child with Downs or schizophrenia? No, we wouldn't. On the contrary, most would praise a mother for taking it upon herself to carry to term and raise a child with such disabilities at such a cost to herself. Why should this be any different?

  • It depends on the situation.

    Sometimes, it can be difficult for girls to know that they are actually pregnant. Some girls have irregular periods, so there is no such thing as "being late", it is a common occurrence. Some girls who are underweight, or very athletic also might not have periods. The depo shot also prevents periods, and may do so for a long time after stopping the shots. Those who take the mini-pill can also skip periods.
    So although some may claim that it should be "obvious" that a woman is pregnant, it often isn't. The other signs besides lack of a period can be very subtle, or barely existent. Some tv comedies like to exaggerate early pregnancy, women hugging the toilet. But some women don't get morning sickness at all, and those that do might have some confusion about what it is because of its name. (Yes, morning sickness can actually occur at any point in the day/night). Other signs may be so vague that they can just be brushed off because they can commonly occur (headaches, backaches, or sensitivity to smell). If women don't have a whole slew of symptoms, they might not consider that they are pregnant at all.

    Also, not everybody "shows" like a pot bellied pig. You might be surprised to find that some women don't even have to buy maternity clothes, some might not even show at 5 months (especially those who are dieting or exercising).

    So because of all this, women might not even think to buy a pregnancy test. And if they do...There is still such a thing as false negatives. Thyroid issues for example can cause false negatives. Also not doing the test correctly (some instruct you take the test in the morning, when the hormone it is trying to detect is at its highest). And those who take the test too early in their pregnancy may get a false negative. (For example, some people think pregnancy is instant, when in actuality it takes time for the sperm to meet the egg, and then the fertilized egg needs to IMPLANT on the uterine wall in order to start pregnancy. This will start the hormone's a flooding.) So if someone misunderstands this (thanks abstinence only education) they might think they can take a pregnancy test the day after, might get relieved at the (false) negative result and move on with their life.

    For ALL those reasons I provided, it can be difficult to know when you are pregnant, which means that you shouldn't automatically be liable for fetal alcohol syndrome. Especially because some laws set a trap. If it took you a while to figure out you were pregnant, say you found out close to the 24 week mark. If you live in a state where abortion is not easily accessible, & you don't have the funds to get to another State, let alone afford an abortion..You are kind of screwed. So you shouldn't be criminally liable.

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