Should mothers have abortions if they cannot face adoption?

  • The option should be there

    When you have an unwanted pregnancy, the solution is terminating that pregnancy (abortion). For a desperately unwanted pregnancy, adoption isn't really a solution. If you don't want to parent, you can surrender your parental rights and choose adoption. Some people desperately don't want to be pregnant and also don't want to parent. It really depends on the situation, but adoption isn't the solution every time.

  • That makes no sense

    You are ok with having the baby sucked out of your womb and dismembered but not ok with giving him to a loving family who will care for him and give him a good life? Your more comftorble not giving him a chance at life than giving him a chance at life?. Your child matters.

  • Abortion should not be allowed in any circumstance, whatever the situation is.

    A man named Dr. Nathanson took a video of a woman having an abortion (The silent scream), which shows the unborn baby in the womb, thrashing about, trying to avoid the suction device which is tearing off its head. Viewers saw the child opening its mouth, trying to scream. They saw the baby dismembered, its head crushed, as it was sucked out of the womb.

    Babies in the womb can feel pain. They develop their full nerve system by the time they are between 8 and 16 weeks old.
    At 8 weeks old, the baby is FULLY developed. He has a heartbeat, organs, limbs, and his own singular fingerprints!
    He can frown, grimace, pee, and even suck his thumb. It is a FACT that he is NOT just a bunch of cells, but a living, breathing, moving HUMAN BEING!
    And termination (abortion) of this baby, is in actual fact, murder.

    So the real question is, should a mother be allowed to murder her child if she can't face adoption? NO!

  • Not a supporter of abortion

    I am against abortion. Abortion should only be used if the mother's health, the baby's health, or if the mother was raped. Killing the fetus inside of the body is murder. If the mother cannot face adoption, she should realize that she is killing a human's life to make her life easier, which is a selfish idea. Putting the child up for adoption is the best option for everyone involved.

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