• Yes, they should

    I have several points. Mothers should stay at home firstly because a it is believed that the mothers role is sacred. Mothers were believed to be the 'keeper of the house' as they were in charge of managing and running a families home including taking care of children. It has been like this, all the way back centuries before now. Lastly, childhood is the most important period of peoples life and mothers should always be there to help. Book smart or street smart? Good etiquette for bad behavior? Its all starts with a blossom. The mother staying at home for the first few stages of life. When a child just starts learning thing.

  • What this question ultimately boils down to.

    The big thing I'm seeing in looking through the comments is that we all agree that a parent should be at home with the kids. But the question seems to boil down to whether it should be the mother or the father. To that I say it's circumstantial. If both parents work before the kid, then probably the one with the better job should keep theirs. But mothers in general are very very good about supporting children. The reason they have been associated with raising children more than men is because they are typically better at it, also, more critical. Both parents are very essential. But women are better at taking care of kids. Why you have more women in child care, pediatrics, etc.

  • They should stay at home

    Mothers are better at housekeeping. The bond between mother and child is very important. The child would call for their mother when in danger like when there was a sinking boat in korea where children were on school trip. Many of them shouted for their mothers. Thus the proposition will win

  • Is no necessary to stay at home

    Because, For many mothers, it is increasingly difficult to reconcile work with children. Many are frustrated, guilty and helpless in the absence of time to be with them, That is why Being a mother is not a title that is acquired by studying at the university, it is a recognition that is achieved with the energy of loving, guiding, caring, accompanying and protecting with devotion to the children.
    At present, there are other centers of interest beyond motherhood such as work and the development of a professional career, studies or hobbies, and women are beginning to notice that, although the desired maternity can make us happy, this It is not always like this or for all the same.Find your site. Our children need happy mothers and mothers.

    You do not have a fixed schedule so all day you're up and down.
    You do not have monetary pay.
    Everyone thinks that since you're at home, you do not do anything.
    You do not update in the world of work and when you come out again they despise you for being inactive in the workplace.

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  • A parent should stay home

    We've overburdened the day care system in this country by working jobs that pay just enough to pay for day care. It shouldn't neccesarily be the mother that stays home. Kids should have a supportive environment for the first few years of life. It should be decided what's best for individual families who should stay home and take care of the kids.

  • No mothers should not stay home

    The world is now a two way street and women are not the only gender that have to stay home with the children. Fathers can also do this job adequately so if a women feels the need to work, then she should be allowed to. The child will get along just fine with the father as long as one parental figure is there.

  • Mothers Should Not Stay Home. Either Parent Valid Choice

    No, Mothers should not have to stay home as either parent is a valid choice. In the interest of the well being of children, a parent staying home is a positive thing; however, this parent need not be the mother. A father is an equally valid choice and could benefit the children just as well.

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