• Mothers should stay home with their children.

    Unfortunately with the current economy mothers can't. Instead mothers have to be out in the workplace helping to provide for the family as well as fathers. Things were much better when mothers were able to stay home and care for the house and children. That is why there is so much stress and crime these days. You just can't survive on one income anymore. You need at least 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. Unless you're a CEO or something, making 200k+ per year for doing next to nothing.

  • Children benefit from a parent at home

    Children benefit from a parent at home, whether it be the mom, dad, guardian or other family member. Nowadays both parents have to work in order to pay for the high cost of living. But things work better if one of the parents gets to stay home. It is beneficial to the development of the child(ren) and cuts back on child care costs.

  • No, they should not.

    I think mothers should not stay with the children, because they will be bored if they are playing with their children. In addition, child must play and work together with their new friends. If they do not do what I say, they will be lonely and have no friends, so I think mothers should not stay with the children.

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  • It is sad that we even need to argue about this.

    Working does not automatically make you a bad mother. As someone who grew up with both parents working, I can say that, contrary to popular belief, children don't always need a parent hovering over them all the time. My mom was always there for me when I needed her. I never felt neglected. She was there for me every morning and evening, feeding me, helping with my school work and doing everything any other mom would do for her kids. And if I needed her at any other time, she was just a phone call away. If fact, knowing that she worked was an inspiration to me. I was proud of her. And for a kid, having parents they look up to is very important. So, no mothers don't need to stay home with their kids.

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