Should mothers who give up their children for adoption be able to keep their identity secret?

  • There should be something called surrogates anonymous.

    It can be very messy when a child is given up for
    adoption. The mother has an emotional
    bond with the baby that she has carried in her womb for 9 months. Sometimes, adopted children will grow up and
    have a burning desire to find their birth parents. For these reasons, I think that birth mothers
    should be able to keep their identities secret.

  • Yes, as long as some important information is available

    Some women might not be emotionally able to handle ever meeting the child they gave up for adoption, and for that reason they should be able to keep their identity secret. However, there are times when an adopted child becomes ill and family history is very important to know in those circumstances in case it turns out the child has some kind of genetic disease. For that reason, the mother's medical history should be made available.

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