Should Mount Vernon School District allow after-school Satan club as advised by a lawyer they hired?

  • Of course they should.

    Satanism is not what Christians and Muslims believe it to be. It would be unfair for schools to discriminate against satanic students simply because they aren't a part of a popular religion. Unless there aren't any clubs allowed to meet after school, it is unconstitutional for them to ban a satanist club.

  • Yes, the school should allow the club.

    Unfortunately, the Mount Vernon school district should allow the after-school Satan club, because the district could be sued for discrimination if the club is denied. The club is protected under the First Amendment as a religious freedom, and freedom of speech. The school district could counter this club by offering a church-based organizations to meet after school too.

  • Satanic bible is less hateful then the christian bible

    Imagine that, religious people wants everyone to view Satan as bad and evil yet his bible contains less hate, sexism, racism and discrimination then the christian bible, how ironic.

    ''schools should teach children to follow the law''
    ok so what's your point? The satanic bible does not state you should not follow the law

    ''satan cannot promote anything good''
    actually as a matter of fact he can, especially when compared to god, what does god teach us? Well god teaches us that a rape victim should marry the rapist, women are never to exert power over men and that homosexuals should die so clearly god doesn't promote much good either.

    ''it's evil'' says who? God? And who says he's right? God himself? Wow what a source! ''the sky is purple'' who says that? Me and because I say I'm right the sky really is purple.

  • Yes, they should.

    It is a religious club of Satanists, and they cannot descrimate against this club. The only way they can decide to ban this club is if they ban all after school religious clubs , and even this has legal consequences. They have lost this argument and need to let it go.

  • Yes, I think so.

    honestly, I have no issues with this.
    I think religion should be put out of school period your not there to learn about religion your there to get an education and better your self in life. Religion shouldn't even get after school programs if their parents wish to send them to clubs there gonna have to look for them outside of school.

  • Of course NOT.

    Satan is everything evil. By allowing this club, Satan will ruin our kids. Satan lives in hell where everyone is in pain. If ANYONE follows Satan and never truly repents to God (meaning they are Satanists) they will be SO UNHAPPY when they die. They will perish in eternal fire.

  • No, they should NOT.

    Schools are supposed to promote children to abide by the law, follow the law, how can the promote this if they are going to allow a satanist group which is going to promote evil.
    Satanism is a negative force seen and acknowledged by Islam and Christianity, Satan the main being worshipped in this religion (Satanism) is the epitome of all evil, thus satan can not promote anything good or positive, how can a school allow children to be influence by a negative behaviour.
    And therefore any of you we are righting in support if you can believe in the existence of a negative what makes you fail to believe the existence of Satan's arch nemesis God, the one being he lives to fight, every thing in Satanism is the opposite of anything you'll find the Quran or the Bible, everything these two books will depict will be defied by Satanism as he is out (Satan) to lie to people that God doesn't exist so that people can be blinded from the truth that shall set you free.

  • To allow children to practice in what is evil is one of the saddest things I have seen today.

    This lawyer is very misguided if he thinks allowing an after-school Satan club is for the betterment of the community. Practicing what is evil will not bring about the peace and change we are so desperate to see in this country. To agree with a Satan club is to assume that Satan is a real being. If he is assumed real, then it has to be assumed God is real as well.

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