Should movie characters be cast to have greater racial diversity (yes) or remain white if they were originally cast that way (no)?

  • Diversity is good

    I think movie characters should be cast to reflect greater racial diversity. The characters should be cast to reflect the diversity of today's times. We used to only cast whites because we lived in a very different society. There is no reason we can't have greater diversity in movies today.

  • The Greater Racial Diversity The Greater the Movie

    If a movie has a bigger cast consisting of various racial backgrounds, the movie will be more interesting and more easily accepted by a wider range of audience around the globe. Besides, if a movie has more characters with various racial background or ethnicity, the movie will be more intriguing as the accent or cultural background of the actors or actresses will somehow affect the movie characters. The movie will definitely be more amusing to watch.

  • I think it's strange to change.

    I am all for diversity, but I think it is odd to change when a character has already been established. If he is white in the viewers' mind, why would he suddenly change to black? It's just confusing. I think new shows and movies should have more diversity, but I think the old shows and movies should be left alone.

  • The character is what the character is

    If you want to create a new character, you can make them whatever race you want. But purposefully changing preexisting characters is pointless. For example James Bond is a white male, has been for over 20 films and 15 or so books. Making him black ruins the legacy of James Bond. But a black can be a spy in the modern day, some would claim. Yes they could, so make a new film about a black spy, keep the white character who has heritage and legacy white. There is no need for it. Do you remember the black kid in the third Harry Potter film who was just thrown in (despite the fact he is not a book character) due to complaints there were no blacks in the first 2 films. He was a terrible actor and majorly ruined his scenes. Also countries like the United States and the United Kingdom are predominantly white, therefore the characters in shows set in these places would be expected to be predominantly white. There was a show set in the British middle ages featuring a black knight. The show is set several centuries before black people even came to Britain, they made a show historically inaccurate to make it "politicaly correct". It's a joke. Doctor Who is another perfect example, every episode now is a case of how many ethnics can we fit into this episode, it's unneccessary. If you are casting and there happens to be a good ethnic actor for a role that does not already have an ethnicity assigned to it then cast them. But deliberately going out the way, changing, and rewriting things to make it multi-cultural is stupid.

  • Whatever the original ethnicity was create for the Movie or book.

    Stop messy with original movies and book-based movie characters. We don't need more diversity. They need to create they own original movies an book-based movies. It is called creativity and originality!
    Maybe we should create their own movie and book characters.
    I can think of the next James Bond actor short list, on being British actor Idris Elba. Only because of PC might demand it, I will ne watch the movie.
    Should a re-makes of Roots, Malcom-X, or Selma star primarily white actors?
    Maybe in the near future movie release of a Obama Movie, "I was the Crowned Prince", could be played by Rush Limbaugh?
    It still would be slightly more factual, since everyone seems to forget that Obama is our first Bi-racial president. So technically a white guy could play this role.

  • Racism goes both ways.

    Hiring someone because they are black is just as bad as not hiring someone because they are black. "Affirmative action" is racism... How can you argue the opposite? And if affirmative action really is the answer, how are we still just as racially divided today as we were 30 years ago? In fact, I would argue that we are even more racially divided today than we were 30 years ago. So.. What has affirmative action solved?

  • The screenwriter and director should decide about the movie.

    The artistic direction of a film is in the purview of the director and the screenplay writer. The actors are able to adapt and interpret their specific roles and how their characters interact with the other characters in the production but there should never be quotas or laws forcing racial diversity into a piece of art. Art is not about force.

  • Its up to the writer.

    The creator and/or owner of the the character should be the only one to change him/her. Its their character that they created or bought the rights to. If the creator of that character is dead and can't give consent to their character being changed than the character shouldn't be changed. I think we should make up new characters instead of changing old ones.

  • They've dug themselves into a hole.

    How will they explain Hermione turning black? Some kind of CURSE?
    That is just drowning in implications.
    Also, Cursed Child ain't canon. The movies are.
    Also, M. Night Shyamalan. Just go to any ATLA fan group and ask their opinion on The Last Airbender.
    After the third "racebending" comment...
    Oh, and he's Indian.

  • If a character has been established as a certain ethnicity, then they should stay that way.

    While an original character written for a TV or film role can be any ethnicity, I feel that characters established as a certain race should stay that race. This is why a lot of people were confused as for Hermione being cast as black in 'The Cursed Child.' It wasn't racism, you just cast a black woman as a character who had been established as white in this established continuity. Every interpretation of Batman, for instance, has been a white man with black hair. Casting a black man as Batman would be a bit against the overall source material. If it was a character that had very few interpretations such as B-level comic book heroes are fair game but, in summary, I believe that the more interpretations of a certain race of a character dictate that that race is the official and true race of this established character.

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